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  • Episode 207 – Safe Spaces and CONvergence

    Connie-as-Redshirt-web-290x300Well, CONvergence is just a few days away and that means it is almost time for our birthday celebration!  For those that are new to our podcast, we debuted at CONvergence four years ago and it is a bit of a homecoming for all of us.  We spend a bit of time talking about what we’ll be doing at the convention this year but we also take a look at the question of safe spaces as it pertains to Vilification Tennis.  Does a convention that claims to be interested in creating safe spaces have an obligation to ensure that if something finds something offensive, it shouldn’t be allowed at all?  Obviously, we have some opinions!

    Come find us at the con this year!  We have badge ribbons!

  • Episode 153 – Offensive Comedy

    Photo by Peter Verrant
    Photo by Peter Verrant

    Trigger Warning: we talk about rape jokes and lot of other taboo topics in this episode!

    This week we are joined by a colleague from Vilification Tennis – Kirsten Wade!  As members of a comedy troupe that specializes in offensive comedy, we talk about what boundaries we feel are difficult to cross but we also talk about why we feel that we should still cross them.

  • Episode 80 – Coming Out

    This week on Geeks Without God, our friend Emily joins us to come out as an atheist.  She talks about her exploration of religion, her growing doubts, and her eventual decision that she no longer believed in god. Tim also talks about some of the reasons he found it difficult to leave religion behind.  This show is Emily’s coming out announcement, and we are very honored she chose to share that moment with us!

    And hey – if you are a friend or relative just finding out, remember that Emily is the same person she always was.  She just no longer believes in god.  And that’s OK.

    If you are inclined to do so, please share your coming out story in the comments section.  How did you let your friends and family know?  Have you let them know yet?  How did it go?

  • Episode 21 – Drunk Molly

    In our second episode recorded live at OmegaCon 2012, Molly is, somehow, even more drunk than she was in Episode 19.  So was Nick, mind you, but he didn’t talk about it as much.  Tim wasn’t drunk so that might explain why he did most of the talking. Tim talked about a trip he was about to take to Disney World and the whole thing segued into a conversation about sex education.  Then we started talking about Fearless Comedy Productions.  Nick and Molly also make a drunken bet that Tim gets to arbitrate and then we read off a listeners’ answer to our five questions.  Our answers came all the way from a listener in Australia and Molly drunkenly impersonates an Australian accent!

    Show notes below the fold:

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