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  • Upcoming Episodes

    We had a great weekend attending talks and recording at Skep-Tech!  We have several episodes coming up from that event as well as lots of other good stuff.  Looking for more specifics?  Here you go!

    April 9th – Skep-Tech 2013 Panel

    We were invited to host a panel at Skep-Tech 2013 featuring Greta Christina, Tim Farley, Chelsea du Fresne and Zach Weinersmith.  We did our best to stay quiet and let our all star panel say interesting things.  You can be the judge of whether or not we succeeded.

    April 16th – Proofreading Boners

    Our April Geeky Boner episode will feature geeking about movies, proofreading and a whole lot of talk about tabletop gaming.

    April 23rd – Zach Weinersmith

    Another podcast recorded live at Skep-Tech, we had the opportunity to sit down with Zach of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.  We talked about censorship for a while and he answers our five questions.  We also tried to get some insight into the mysterious “gay agenda.”  The results of that exploration were less than satisfying.

    April 30th – Live at Omegacon Spring

    We don’t exactly know what we’ll be recording or who we’ll be recording with but we’re going to sit down at the convention and record a podcast!  A couple of days later (while we’re still hung over), we’ll post it!

  • Upcoming Episodes

    Well, here we are in February and we know you are wondering we might have in the hopper for the next few weeks.  Never fear, we have all the information you need to fill your podcast planner for another month! Here’s what we have coming up:

    Februray 26th – Atheism & Dr. Who

    Our friend and Doctor Who expert Matt Savelkoul joins us to talk about atheism in Doctor Who.  We’ll explore the subtle (and not so subtle) ways the show makes it clear that The Doctor is living in a universe without god.

    March 5th – Religulous

    As a companion to our Asshole Atheist show, we look at Bill Maher’s film, “Religulous.”  Maher is often cited as an asshole atheist and this movie can ignite a lot of strong feelings in atheists and believers alike.  We re-watched the movie and can’t wait to share our opinions.

    March 12th – Creationist Science Fair

    We are joined by author and journalist Rob Callahan, who will tell us about his recent visit to a creationist science fair.

    March 19th – Atheism and AA, Part 1

    We’re doing a two parter!  Two guests will talk with us about being an atheist in Alcoholics Anonymous.  This week, we talk to Marc Baker about being a recovering alcoholic in an organization that spends a lot of time talking about god.

    March 26th – Atheism and AA, Part 2

    In part two of our look at atheism and recovering alcoholics, our friend Zach Nyhus will talk about a new chapter of AA – atheists AA.  What happens when you actively work to take god out of the twelve steps?


  • Podcasting to Keep you Warm

    Well, now that we’ve made it through the holidays, we actually have a plan for our next cycle of podcasts!  If you are one of those folks who likes to look ahead, here is what you can expect over the next few weeks.

    January 22nd – Left Behind

    We teased it a little bit on last week’s episode but this week, you can hear our reactions to the fundamentalist screed Left Behind.  Spoiler: it is a terrible terrible movie. We also read and respond to listener Marc Baker’s five questions.

    January 29th – Ronn Bauman, Take 2

    Waaaay back in September, we did an episode with Ronn and we had so much fun, we recorded a second one that same night.  Then, the next morning, we recorded that first one again.  Long story.  We then proceeded to place that second recording in the Geeks Without God vault.  Until now.

    February 5th – February Geeky Boners

    We had so much other cool stuff going on in January, we totally skipped our geeky boners.  We’ll start February out right by exploring the geeky stuff that currently has us excited.  Will we be reading answers to our five questions?  Of course!

    February 12th – Unitiarianism

    We’ll have a talk with our friend Bob Alberti about being an atheist and going to a church.  A Universal Unitarian church, that is.

  • Remember, Remember, The Podcasts of November

    So hey, we have a whole lotta podcasting coming up!  In case you wanted to have some insider information on the best weeks to listen in November (all of them), this would be how the next four weeks are shaping up:

    November 6th – We talked with Bill Lehto, editor of Atheist Voices of Minnesota about the process of putting together an anthology of atheist essays including one by Tim! And hey, if you listen to the podcast, you have a chance to win a signed copy of the book!  Listen to the podcast – win stuff. BAM!

    November 13th – Our November Geeky Boner episode will be recorded LIVE at Omegacon 2012! We’ll be talking about the games we played, the movies we watched and one “lucky” audience member will get to answer our five questions!

    November 20th – We had a conversation with our friend Matt Allex from the Apropos of Nothing podcast.  He tells us about his experience with a listener he helped on the journey to atheism.

    November 27th  – Also recorded live at OmegaCon, we’ll spend some time talking about Fearless Comedy Productions – a new comedy company partially made of us! We’ll also talk about the sexy atheist topics of the moment and read off another listener’s answers to our five questions.




  • An Insider’s Guide to Upcoming Episodes

    In case you’d like to know how things are shaping up over at Geeks Without God HQ, here’s what we have on tap for the next four weeks:

    October 9th – We talk with our friend Porter about his journey to unbelief and the concept of killing people in the name of imaginary friends.  Of course, he also gets a crack at our five questions.

    October 16th – Our October geeky boner episode will cover spreadsheets, Borderlands 2, Tim’s band and how much we all love Halloween. We’ll also read off another listeners’ responses to our five questions.

    October 23rd – Our guest Tony Miller talks about growing up as a Mennonite and we all get pretty worked up about the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage.

    October 30th – Another episode that uses a movie as a jumping off point.  This time we are talking about The Contender, a political film that features an atheist protagonist. It also stars Jeff Bridges.  Just sayin’