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  • Episode 275 – Hard Science Boners

    2049757_300It’s been over two months since we’ve had any geeky boners! Not surprisingly, this timetable corresponds to the two months we’ve all been working at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and we haven’t been reading/watching as many things.  Tim has been so immersed in the Festival, it’s actually his boner (he talks about singing this song).  Molly has been immersed in all things Stephen King (which is not much of a surprise).  Nick has been enjoying a hard science trilogy, which is not a dick joke.

  • Episode 109 – Reality Boners

    RamsayThis week’s episode is a brand new installment of our Geeky boners!  As always, we spend the entire episode nerding out about our latest obsessions.  Molly’s latest obsession is actually a fairly old one that takes the form of a well read book.  Nick has been playing the beta of a new game.  Tim has been binge watching…well…a whole lot of different stuff.  Once we all get our nerd on, we read five answers from Australia.

  • Episode 104 – Geyser Boners

    DSC01415This week is a brand new geeky boner episode!  Our current geeky boners are all over the place.  Molly talks about some books she has read many times before.  Nick talks about a new Anime he’s really enjoying.  Tim talks about a national park he visited with his family.  We also read five answers from one of our listeners.  Right near the end, we talk our our CONvergence schedule for the coming weekend.  If you are at the con, find us!

    Show notes (including our convention schedule) below the fold:

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  • Episode 68 – Pacific Boners

    This week we have another opportunity to explore the latest geeky stuff that has us inappropriately excited.  Tim talks about a new movie release that is his favorite movie of the year.  Nick gets super excited about video games and Molly is looking forward to a remake of a film based on a story written by her favorite author.  Is that vague enough for you?  We don’t want to give away everything!  We also read five answers to our questions!

    P.S:  Tim watched the movie right after recording the podcast – just like he said he was going to.

    Show notes below the fold:

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