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  • Episode 84 – Creationism vs. Evolution

    We recorded this episode while Bill Nye was debating Creationism with Ken Ham.  We know a lot of our listeners were watching the debate last week but we decided instead to talk about our feelings about creationism and why we didn’t think the debate was a great idea.  Response since we recorded the episode has been mostly positive but even if Nye “won” the debate, did he do more to advance his own cause or Ken Ham’s?

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 79 – Science Funding and Glowing Mice

    This week’s episode features our friend Hedge, who is a real live working scientist!  She does research at the U on circadian rhythms in mice.  Want to know what the hell that means?  She’ll tell you!  We also talked about the state of funding for scientific research which is, as you will imagine, pretty sad.  Eventually, she gets around to letting us know that her mice glow and then the whole conversation gets derailed because HOLY SHIT GLOWING MICE!