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  • Episode 219 – God’s Not Dead 2

    Gods-Not-Dead-2-SoundtrackThis week, we gather our three good festival friends Tony Miller, Ronn Bauman, and Byron Miller in one room so the six of us can experience the glory that is God is Not Dead 2!  Glory is not a good word to describe the film.  Torture might be a bit more appropriate. It is not even that the film is horribly insulting to atheists (and Christians), either.  It is also badly written, acted, and researched.  Just pretty much all around awful.  You can listen to us describe the excruciating time we spent with the movie which, we hope, will be more entertaining than the movie itself.  Note: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE FOR YOURSELF.  We would save you that pain.

    After you listen to the podcast, make sure to text this message to all your friends:  God’s not dead but God’s not dead 2 sure as hell tried to kill him.

  • Episode 218 – Triggered!

    352456-triggerWe have begun that time of the year where we are recording in the beautiful trailer studios!  We are joined by frequent contributor Ronn Bauman to talk about the idea of Trigger Warnings.  We’ve discussed this issue before and because it is a pretty big deal right now, we will no doubt discuss it again.  While we have a good conversation going, the whole thing gets derailed when Ronn says that Batman vs Superman is a better film than The Force Awakens.  Talk about being triggered!

    Also, Ronn write a comedy advice column and we forgot to promote it on the show so here’s a link!

    There are a few recording problems that cropped up on the intro and outro for this episode.  It doesn’t appear to have affected the episode proper.  But hey, that is exactly why we have our Patreon site!  We’d like to upgrade our equipment and you can help!

  • Episode 168 – God’s Not Dead

    godsnotdeadLast year at this time, we sat down with Ronn Bauman and Tony Miller to record an episode about Dark Dungeons. We had a lot of fun so this year, we brought them back to watch God’s Not Dead, a fundamentalist Christian film that Tim calls fundie porn.  What we had hoped would be good for a few laughs was, instead, a plodding, dull, and predictable film in which everyone who isn’t the right kind of Christian is a horrible person in need of redemption.  It includes a straw-man atheist character played by Kevin Sorbo and a whole lot of bad apologetics.  The podcast is, we hope, entertaining.  Skip the movie.


  • Episode 166 – Gun Control

    gun-controlWe’re getting controversial with one of our favorite guests this week!  Ronn Bauman re-joins us so we can talk about guns and gun control.  Ronn is a big fan of guns but has a pretty pragmatic opinion regarding guns, gun safety, and gun control.  We cover the topic as well as we can given we are talking about complex issues and spending about thirty minutes on them.

    The topic was, at least partially, inspired by a blog post Tim wrote a little over a week ago.

  • Episode 116 – Dark Dungeons

    0046_01This week, we sat down with Tony Miller and Ronn Bauman to watch “Dark Dungeons,” a faithful adaptation of a Chick Tract of the same name.  For those unaware, Chick Tracks are fundamentalist comic books and the makers of the film got permission to adapt this particular comic as long as they did not produce something satirical.  Instead, they produced something far more entertaining.  The four of us watched the film and then recorded a episode that started with our response to the film and then moved into our thoughts on religion, performing and, above all, gaming.  Our role playing pasts are laid bare for all to see!  We hope you have as much listening as we had recording.

    Correction:  on the closing stinger, Nick says that Dark Dungeons costs $2.50.  Actually, the extras cost $2.50.  The movie itself costs $5.00.  Sorry for the error.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 115 – Crisis of “Faith?”

    atheist-prayerAnother recording in the trailer studios brought Ronn Bauman back to our show!  This time, Ronn suggested we talk about having an atheist crisis of “faith.”  We talked about superstitions, hopes for what we know aren’t true and other ways that we, as atheists, sometimes still “believe.”  Or at least we want to.  At the end of the episode, Ronn was asked five questions submitted by our listeners.  A note about the recording: Tim had the wrong microphone settings on the computer for this episode so the sound is a little bit clipped and tinny.  Sorry about that!

    Thanks for the listener questions!


  • Episode 74 – Too Soon?

    Returning guest Ronn Bauman joins us for a discussion of comic theory!  We ask the question, how soon is too soon and we also talk about topics that are comedic minefields.  Do you stay away from certain types of jokes all together or do you work to craft the right kind of joke?  Is laughter the best medicine? Who knew that comedians could be so serious about what they do?  Ronn also concocts five new questions for the three of us to answer and he actually gets us to talk about the Pope!

  • Episode 64 – Conspiracy Theories

    This week we are joined by third time guest Ronn Bauman in the luxious trailer studios.  We had a long and animated conversation about conspiracy theories.  If anything, we barely scratched the surface of our contempt for people who buy into them.  We probably should have focused on one at a time but Ronn has to head on to the Carolina Renaissance Festival so we could only record one episode.  After that conversation, we came up with a new way to do five questions for third time guests.

    P.S: If you think the government was involved in 9/11, this episode is probably not for you.

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  • Episode 30 – Godless Zombies

    Geeks with Ronn BaumannIn what is possibly the longest delay between recording and posting, this week’s episode features Ronn Bauman from the Tortuga Twins.  We’ve been saving this one up so long, we’ll be talking about movies that we are excited to see coming out in theatres and most of those movies will be coming out on home video soon.  We also spend quite a lot of time talking about zombies as that is one of Ronn’s obsessions.  The conversation then slid over to a discussion of how Ronn and Tim are raising their kids. Ronn also establishes a tradition by asking us five questions (which is why Matt asked us five questions a couple of weeks ago.)

    Show notes are below the fold:

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  • Episode 12 – Everything Gets You Soaking Wet

    This week we interview Ronn Bauman (Scaramouche) of the Tortuga Twins about 12 hours after we first interviewed him because Tim was a dumb fuck and overwrote the original podcast.  So yeah, this whole podcast is us trying to remember how interesting we were the first time we talked about all of this stuff.  You be the judge.  Ronn is a huge fan of the podcast and promises that if he ever relocates to Minnesota, he will find a way to get himself included in every podcast in a creepy stalker fashion.  We talk about how we, as atheists need to avoid underestimating the “opposition” and Ronn answers our five questions.

    P.S:  We had such a great time talking to Ronn, we recorded a second podcast (that Tim did not delete) and we’ll be airing that one sometime in the next couple of months!

    Edit to add: Hi everyone, Molly here. I want to apologize for misquoting the study I mentioned about atheists. I said the study found people would rather leave their child with a terrorist than an atheist. I misremembered the actual study I meant, which shows that those polled trust rapists more than atheists, and would rather leave their child with a random religious person than a daycare run by an atheist. I deeply regret the error, and I hope you can all forgive me my off-the-cuff mistake. I would also like to state, for the record, that terrorism is perpetuated by all races and creeds; if I say terrorist, I never mean “Arab” or “Muslim” any more than I mean “Christian” or “pro-lifer” or “Black & Tan.”

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