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  • Episode 278 – Blade Runner 2049

    new-international-trailer-blade-runner-2049This week, we take a look at Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to Blade Runner. The film hasn’t killed it at the box office but for fans of the original, it is a very solid follow up.  We should warn everyone right up front that we are going to spoil the shit out of the movie. Like we talk about the ending.  So if you want to watch the movie spoiler free, this ain’t the podcast for you. Everyone else, stick around!

  • Episode 277 – What Scares Us

    donghai-bridgeThis year, our podcast actually comes out on Halloween! In honor of the greatest of all holidays, we spend the podcast talking about all the stuff that scares us. This proves to be something of a challenge for Nick because he’s not really scared of anything. Except he is and we managed to squeeze it out of him.  Tim and Molly are more worried about sharing their fears because someone might use the knowledge for dark and evil purposes. So don’t do that, OK? It would be a dick move.

  • Episode 276 – Joshua Humphrey is the Law

    ufynR8cD9EPk2CYbDEMDSF-480-80It has been quite some time since we have been joined by Joshua Humphrey on our podcast. In that time, he has attended and graduated law school. So we sat him down to talk about law school in these interesting times. He hasn’t passed the bar yet so we can’t call him our resident lawyer. But when he does pass the bar, we are definitely going to start doing so.  Joshua also gets to answer our newest set of five questions!

  • Episode 275 – Hard Science Boners

    2049757_300It’s been over two months since we’ve had any geeky boners! Not surprisingly, this timetable corresponds to the two months we’ve all been working at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and we haven’t been reading/watching as many things.  Tim has been so immersed in the Festival, it’s actually his boner (he talks about singing this song).  Molly has been immersed in all things Stephen King (which is not much of a surprise).  Nick has been enjoying a hard science trilogy, which is not a dick joke.

  • Episode 274 – Dating Christians

    christian-dating-etiquetteWe have one more episode recorded in the trailer studio on a hot September day!  Speaking of hot, we get together with our friend Nathan Gerber to talk about his experiences dating Christians. He’s dated outside his lack of faith a lot and has some good tips on how to have a relationship with someone who believes something you really don’t.

  • Episode 273 – Evil Demon Queen and the Dick Missiles

    6uFyKThis week, we return to the luxurious trailer studios to revisit Christian privilege with frequent guest Tony Miller.  We take a look at the current state of politics in our country as it pertains to Christian power as well as taking a look at how online interactions tend to favor those with religion.  We also come up with a great name if Molly ever becomes the lead singer of a death metal band. Tony also gets a crack at our newest set of five questions!

  • Episode 272 – Saving Christmas

    v1.bjs0NzcyNDM7ajsxNzQ2NTsxMjAwOzk5Mjs1NTgUgh.  We are joined once again by our good friends Ronn Bauman, Byron Miller, and Tony Miller to watch another Christian apologist film.  This time it is Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.  We thought the movie might be more fun than our previous experiences with the God’s Not Dead series.  Wow were we wrong.  Cameron blamed atheists for the failure of this film.  He really should have blamed himself. Is every Christian apologetic film this bad?  There have to be some good ones, right?  We’ll keep looking because this wasn’t it.  As a bonus, we subjected Ronn’s daughter and Tim’s son to the entire horrific affair.  Their responses are more eye-opening than you would expect.  Just stay away, friends.  Stay away.

  • Episode 271 – Blind Spots

    AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbnAAAAJDBiZTVjYTFjLTVhYzQtNDBmNi04ZjBmLTQzNTU2MmVjNjY5MAWe are joined by regular guest Ronn Bauman inside the beautiful trailer studios to talk about Blind Spots.  What are things that we all simply refuse to see an understand about ourselves and the world around us.  In a political climate that seems designed to create blind spots, how do we become aware of them enough to avoid them? Ronn also gets a crack at our newest set of five questions!

  • Episode 270 – Atheists Talk Radio

    OnAirSignThis week, we have a conversation with Hertzy Hertz, the producer of Atheists Talk Radio. If you are from Minnesota, you can listen Sunday Mornings on AM 950.  If you aren’t from around here, you can listen online by following this link! You can also find past episodes on iTunes and Google Play.  Hertzey tells us a little bit about the history of the show and how she got involved.  We’ve been guests before and we totally endorse the show!  Give it a listen!

  • Episode 268 – John Dick Winters

    38_EdpFor this week’s episode, we are joined by Pittsburgh comedian John Dick Winters.  He was on tour and contacted us about appearing on our podcast.  We said yes because it meant we didn’t have to do nearly as much work.  John talks to us about how he came to atheism and his twin daughters, who were exposed to evangelical thinking as they were growing up but ended up atheists anyway.

    You can find John on all the social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.