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  • Episode 145 – Scientology

    scientologycultYou, dear listeners, paid for this episode!  As a result of your generous donations, all three of us visited the Scientology center in downtown St. Paul and took their personality test.  It might surprise you to learn that all three of us had problems only Scientology could solve!  Other than that, our experiences were surprisingly different.  We hope you enjoy our conversation about the world of Xenu!  By the way – if the three of us disappear in the near future, you’ll know why!

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  • Episode 140 – Pratfalls of Atheism

    4b69d1f36462257020a88d256eebfa88This week’s episode was recorded live at Die Laughing 2015!  We sat down with Levi Weinhagen, who is something of a podcasting expert.  His current slate includes Pratfalls of Parenting, Regret Labs, and Reason Gone Mad.  He is also one of the minds behind the spectacularly funny Comedy Suitcase, a company devoted to making smart comedy that is accessible to all ages.  We talk with Levi about his podcasts and then get into the meat of our conversation – the challenges of being out as an atheist.  We also make a lot of inappropriate jokes about Bill Cosby.

    Also, check out a list of all sorts of podcasts produced in the Twin Cities at http://tcpods.us!

  • Episode 139 – Boners at School

    graduationWe have a whole new set of geeky boners to share with everyone this week.  Tim has a couple of mini boners about gaming and British TV series.  Molly has a far more impressive boner involving a new favorite podcast.  Nick has a gigantic boner about going back to school.  Of course we have a listener answer our five questions and we remind everyone about what is going on at Die Laughing this weekend.  Enjoy!

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  • Episode 138 – Out at Work

    _72221104_reutersThis week’s episode features our friend Andy Wilkins, who has several experiences coming out at work.  She’s come out as atheist, a gay man and finally a transgender woman.  We talk about the differences in those experiences and the challenges in coming out at work versus friends and family.  Of course Andy also gets a crack at our five questions.

  • Episode 136 – Euthanasia

    673791-right-to-dieWe have a very heavy topic this week that was inspired by the loss of a couple of pets.  Why, we wondered, is there very little moral ambiguity around ending the life of a pet who is suffering but a great deal when we are talking about a thinking, reasoning person?  We talk about the difference between suicide and euthanasia, the value of human life versus that of other animals and Brittany Maynard.  Grab a tissue for the saddest Geeks Without God yet!


  • Episode 135 – Religion in the UK

    canterbury-cathedralThis week we are joined by our friend Elliot James.  Born and raised in England, Elliot talks with us about the differences in how religion is viewed in the UK vs. the United States.  He’s had some harrowing close calls due to IRA bombings and other conflicts that may, or may not have to do with religion.  We cover as much ground as possible in our short time together and then, of course, he answers our five questions!

    At the very end of the episode (post theme song), we mention our listener Steve, who has been ordered to take his son to Catholic Mass.  If you’d like to sign an online petition protesting this ruling, here is the link.

  • Episode 133 – Calendars

    calendarThis week’s episode brings our friend Jon Olsen to the basement studios for a conversation about calendars.  Jon has a long held interest in how we mark time and it makes for a broad conversation topic.  We even learn why the seventh day of the week isn’t a Sunday!  Jon also has the distinction of being only the second theist to appear on our podcast, a fact we almost completely ignore.

    Jon will be performing The Insufferable Spiteness of Beaver at the Bryant Lake Bowl in February, 2015.  The show opens on the 5th and will also play on the 6th, 12th and 13th.  Go see his show!

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  • Episode 132 – Nous Sommes Charlie

    150107120309-charlie-hebdo-620x348This week we talked about the shocking massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in France. We explore a lot of different reactions to the situation, some more understandable than others.  Is Islam somehow more dangerous than other religions?  And should satire have limitations?  We try – and mostly fail – to make sense of a senseless act.

    Note: We had a technical glitch and recorded this episode with the wrong microphone.  The sound is a little bit tinny.  Sorry for the problem!

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  • Episode 131 – Holy Wars

    18k1cgty5wueujpgThis week we get together with our friend David Elwyn Traylor to talk about holy wars.  The central question is whether or not religion drives people to commit despicable acts or if it is merely one potential means to an end.  We manage to do little more than scrape the surface of so broad a topic so feel free to continue the conversation in the comment section if you are so inclined.  After we cut our main conversation short, David gets to ask us five questions.

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  • Episode 130 – Farewell 2014

    Driving on an empty road towards the setting sun 2014The past year had it’s ups and downs and we spend this episode reviewing as many of them as we can remember.  We take a few moments to remember our good friend Bill Young, who passed away just a short while ago.  The year started out really well for all of us but we are kind of sputtering into 2015.  We also talk about our hopes for the new year.  And, of course, we get to read off five answers from one of our listeners.  Whether 2014 was a great year or a mixed bag for you, we look forward to another great podcasting year!

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