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  • Episode 188 – All the Podcasting

    71d1aad089fa51b525316bb37dab8718This week, we are joined by guest Evan Pederson of the Fancy Pants Gangsters podcasting network.  He has been podcasting for a long time and he talks with us about some of the shows he has produced.  After a little while, though, we just start talking about all sorts of different things but we’re gonna say this podcast is about podcasting.  But it’s about a lot more than that.  You should listen.

  • Episode 187 – Politics!

    PoliticsWith the caucus/primary season coming up, we spent this week talking about politics!  As you probably expect, the three of us are fairly progressive so much of our conversation centers around the Hilary Clinton/Bernie Sanders camps.  There is actually a fair amount of disagreement there.  We do spend a little bit of time talking about our reasons for rejecting the Republican party and it has a lot to do with our non-religious roots.  So if you are a conservative listener – that’s cool.  But you might want to check back in with us next week.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 184 – Spoilers!

    filepicker-8w8n1fNFQ4iomLKdZRJ8_SpoilerThis episode, we talk about spoilers.  Don’t worry – we don’t spoil anything for you.  At least not much of anything.  Instead, we talk about the concept of spoilers and what the protocol should be around them.  When is it OK to stop worrying about spoiling something for someone?  And what constitutes a spoiler anyway?  Seriously – we do talk spoilers on a few recent movies and TV shows (including Game of Thrones and Star Wars) so if you don’t want us to spoil anything for you, we’ll catch you next week!

    We talk about John Kovalic’s spoiler blame game post so here’s a link!

  • Episode 183 – Hard Wired

    This week, we hHardWiredave a talk with returning guest Bob Alberti about his new play, “Hard Wired.”  Co-written by Susanne Becker and produced by Fearless Comedy, the show opens on Thursday in the Twin Cities.  We talk with Bob about his inspiration for the show and the process of writing.  If you are a local listener, we encourage you to check this show out!

  • Episode 182 – 2015 Wrapup

    goodbye-2015-hello-2016-number-3D-vector-694x417This week, we take a look at the past year.  We talk a bit about the geeky stuff we loved as well as some milestones in our lives.  We also talk about stuff we are looking forward to in 2016.  Thanks for listening to us babble on about geek stuff and godless stuff.  We look forward to another year!  Happy New Year!

  • Episode 179 – Terrorism

    IMG_6289Note: This episode was recorded prior to the attack in San Bernadino, California last week.

    This week, the three of us sit down and talk domestic and international terrorism.  We talk about racism and how we have difficulty identifying white people as terrorists.  We also look at the question of whether or not some actions of the anti-abortion movement can be defined as terrorism.   We look at mental illness as a scapegoat as well.  So it’s pretty serious over here in the basement studios.

  • Episode 178 – Women in STEM Fields

    fNma9vYVWe were once again recording at Omegacon for this week’s episode!  Our guest was our friend Ellie Younger, who is an Engineer.  We talked with her about being a woman in a field traditionally dominated by men and we heard a few of many depressing stories about the obstacles in her path.  We also talked about the question of whether or not we are discouraging young women from studying the arts when we encourage them to study math and science.

  • Episode 177 – Disney Boners

    gxlkql4bnan134sgmkb3This episode title is sure to get us in trouble with some lawyers.  As is the implication that we’d get a boner from Mikey Mouse.  But really, we are just geeking out about all the cool nerdy stuff in our lives.  At the moment this episode goes up, Tim is on the ocean cruising with Mikey and his pals.  Nick is probably still playing Fallout 4.  Molly is still playing Animal Crossing.  Since those are our geeky boners for the week, it makes perfect sense!

  • Episode 175 – Separating the Art from the Artist

    jello-pudding-pops-bill-cosbyWow – we’ve reached 175 episodes and we didn’t even notice!  Does that make you concerned about our integrity?  Maybe you think it is so awful, you aren’t sure if you can listen to our podcast any longer.  Before you make that decision, you should listen to our conversation about dealing with the enjoyment of an artists’s work even when you know that artist to be flawed.  Can you still watch “The Cosby Show” knowing what you know about Bill Cosby?  What about Woody Allen movies?  How easy or difficult is it to appreciate the art when you know something terrible about the artist?

  • Episode 174 – Sex Positivity

    lets_talk_about_sex1This week, we are joined by our friend Geoffrey Brown to talk about sex.  Specifically, we are talking about sex positivity and how so much of American culture (and other global cultures) seem to be built around the idea that sexuality is something shameful.  Geoffrey describes him as an “agnostic in all things” and we discuss his experiences as a bisexual.  We also discuss a lot of ways our society is sexually repressed and our own experiences talking to our parents about sex.