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  • Episode 44 – The Left Behind Board Game Drinking Game

    photo 1-2This week’s episode was recorded live at Omegacon Spring! Friends of the show Brianne Bilyeu, Stephane Zvan and Jason Thibeault joined us this week to play the Left Behind Board Game! We had been operating under the assumption that to do so would be a hoot.  What we didn’t count on was one of the worst designed board games ever. Given how awful the movie was, we should have guessed.  We did our best to make the experience entertaining but in case it’s all too much, we came up with a drinking game you can play during the episode.  The board game won’t get any better but the episode will probably improve a LOT.

    Here are the rules (feel free to add your own rules in the comments):

    Take a drink every time moonshine soaked cherries are passed out or someone mentions consuming one

    Take a drink whenever we make a Ghostbusters reference

    Take a drink every time someone mentions game theory

    Take a drink every time someone says the game sucks

    Take a drink every time someone lands on a Carpathia square

    Take a drink every time someone says “Flightplan.”

    Take a drink every time we get a question about the bible correct

    Take a drink any time someone mentions Omegacon

    Show notes below the fold:

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