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  • Episode 78 – New Year 2014

    This week’s episode closes out 2013 with a look back at the last year and a look forward to what has us excited about 2014.  Tim talks about a major life change that is coming up in the New Year.  In addition, we talk about the geek movie landscape in 2013, the finale of Breaking Bad, winter jogging and more!  And hey, if you listen to this episode when it posts on the 31st and you are in the Twin Cities, come out to see Tim’s New Year’s Eve concert at the Parkway Theatre.


  • Episode 26 – Twenty Thirteen

    Happy New Year!  Welcome to an exciting new year of Geeks Without God and – you know – other stuff.  This episode marks our six month aniverssary and we take some time to look back at 2012 and talk about some things we are looking forward to in 2013.  Molly celebrates the end of the “Year of Molly” by issuing an edict on how we are to refer to the upcoming year (hint: it is not “the Year of Nick”).  We hardly talk about atheism at all. Sorry about that.  We promise we’ll talk about the lack of god next time!

    Show notes below the fold:

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