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  • Episode 275 – Hard Science Boners

    2049757_300It’s been over two months since we’ve had any geeky boners! Not surprisingly, this timetable corresponds to the two months we’ve all been working at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and we haven’t been reading/watching as many things.  Tim has been so immersed in the Festival, it’s actually his boner (he talks about singing this song).  Molly has been immersed in all things Stephen King (which is not much of a surprise).  Nick has been enjoying a hard science trilogy, which is not a dick joke.

  • Episode 221 – Revisiting Christian Privilege

    Bible-and-FlagThis week marks our final recording from the 2016 Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  We sit down in the beautiful trailer studios with our good friend Tony Miller to take another look at Christian Privilege in America.  Tim spends a fair amount of time discussing the false equivalence between Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick.  We also talk about the ark park, televangelism, and a lot of other subtle ways that Christians in America are not being persecuted even a little bit.  Tony then gets to ask us five very thoughtful questions.  You can totally answer them yourself in the comments!

  • Episode 218 – Triggered!

    352456-triggerWe have begun that time of the year where we are recording in the beautiful trailer studios!  We are joined by frequent contributor Ronn Bauman to talk about the idea of Trigger Warnings.  We’ve discussed this issue before and because it is a pretty big deal right now, we will no doubt discuss it again.  While we have a good conversation going, the whole thing gets derailed when Ronn says that Batman vs Superman is a better film than The Force Awakens.  Talk about being triggered!

    Also, Ronn write a comedy advice column and we forgot to promote it on the show so here’s a link!

    There are a few recording problems that cropped up on the intro and outro for this episode.  It doesn’t appear to have affected the episode proper.  But hey, that is exactly why we have our Patreon site!  We’d like to upgrade our equipment and you can help!

  • Episode 117 – Renaissance Boners

    minnesota-renaissance-festivalThis episode is pretty mellow because we were all operating at high levels of sleep deprivation.  The 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival is behind us and yet this geeky boner episode is filled with memories of a season just gone by.  Molly, though, does manage to get hard about something that is not the festival so you can fast forward to her her part if you don’t want to listen to us blather on about being street performers.  We also read a listener’s answers for the first time in a while.  Enjoy our exhaustion!


  • Episode 113 – Someone is Wrong on the Internet

    afThis week we recorded our episode on site at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with Byron Miller, proprietor of Broomhilde, where you can get handmade brooms, walking sticks, and wands.  We talked with Byron about getting into arguments on the internet.  Specifically, we talked about what we will argue about and what arguments we choose to avoid.  When Byron got a crack at our five questions, we were able to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy again!

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  • Episode 62 – Religion and Characterization

    This week we talk about playing a character who believes in something that you don’t.  All three of us are performers at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and we have to think about what our characters believe and if that belief differs from our own.  Tim, for instance, plays a character who is Catholic.  Molly and Nick haven’t spent so much time thinking about that sort of thing but they know their characters believe in fairies.  Our conversation isn’t so much about being performers at the Festival as it is about being actors and how you come up with characters who are different from who you are. And do we read five answers from a listener?  Of course we do!!!

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  • Episode 47 – Why are we Atheists so Angry?

    Skep-Tech/Greta ChristinaWaaaay back at Skep-Tech, we had the opportunity to sit down and record a podcast with Greta Christina to talk about her book – “Why are You Atheists so Angry – 99 Things that Piss off the Godless.”  Not only did we have an opportunity to talk about a lot of things that piss us off, we asked Greta our five questions.  Among other things, we got to learn about her secret geeky hobby which, we have to say, is pretty awesome.  Also, in the tradition of Geeks Without God giving away stuff, we have a copy of Greta’s book to give away!  Just listen to the podcast and you will learn the very simple rules you need to follow to be a winner!

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  • Episode 11 – Indiana Jones Boner

    Another installment of our geeky boners!  Molly geeks about the Renaissance Festival, Nick geeks about his new job and Tim geeks about Indiana Jones.  We talk about the odds of aliens visiting our planet vs. the odds that god exists.  Because we are geeks, we dis on George Lucas for a little while. Then we spend some time talking about the space program in the wake of Neil Armstrong’s death.  We also read the first listener set of answers to our five questions. Thanks to Dana Freiberg for submitting her answers!

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