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  • Episode 265 – Fringe Boners

    fringeThis week we pop out a new episode with our latest geeky boners!  Molly has been reading an advanced copy of a book she thinks everyone should read as soon as it is released.  Nick talks about the latest Star Wars comics.  Tim talks about the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which will still be going on when you listen to this podcast!  All three of us are in shows and you still have time to check them out if you are interested in doing that sort of checking things out kind of thing!  We hope you enjoy hearing about our boners as much as we enjoyed having them!


  • Episode 161 – Ocarina of Boners

    ocarina-of-timeOur podcast is once again swollen with a new set of geeky boners!  Tim has another show in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  Molly has a new (old) game on her DS.  Nick has gotten caught up on some DC television shows.  We are also working through the last three listener answers to our original five questions!  Then we’ll get started on the new ones so send ’em in!

    As of this posting, there are three more performances of Tim’s show at the Fringe.  Here’s when and where they will be!

    Also as of this posting, there is still one Geeks Without God guest spot available if you back  the Vermin Kickstarter!  Just a few days left!

  • Episode 103 – Directing the Fringe

    w5qpk9This week we are joined by Jeff Larson, Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  Tim calls him the Managing Director and the Artistic Director at various points because he can’t get anything right. We talk with Jeff about how our local Fringe is run as well as his experiences visiting other Fringe Festival’s around the country and around the world.  He also tells us a story about installing a something in Grace Evangelical Church.  Later, Tim got to ride in his Porche.  It was a good episode!

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  • Episode 56 – Minnesota Fringe Festival

    Round Minnesota parts, the theatrical orgy known as the Fringe Festival is about to start!  Tim has been deeply involved in the festival for the last several years so we brought in former guest Joshua Humprey, himself quite the Fringe junkie, to talk about the event.  Josh and Tim get pretty nerdy with the details of the Festival while Molly and Nick do an admirable job of pretending to be interested.  Then Josh gets to drop five questions on the hosts and they are wicked hard.  Also, Tim has two shows at the Fringe so please go check them out! Actually, it turns out he has added a third show – and Nick and Molly will be in that one!

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