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  • Episode 190 – Disney vs. Universal

    Epcot-Vs-Universal-620x330This week, frequent guest Matt Allex joins us and he brought his son along.  Along with Tim the three of them go through the process of explaining the plusses and minuses of going to either Walt Disney World or Universal Studios when they have only one day to spend in Orlando.  Things go pretty well for a while until Matt’s son says something about Splash Mountain that he can’t take back.  Really, kid?  That’s what you think?  Well too bad for you that someone else writes the intros for these episodes!

  • Episode 137 – Die Laughing Preview

    0001069793_10This week’s episode brings back guest Matt Allex from the Apropos of Nothing podcast.  Matt is one of our cohorts over at Fearless Comedy so he joined us to discuss the second annual installment of Die Laughing.  In addition to talking about all the cool stuff we’ll be doing at the event, we also announce this year’s fundraiser challenge and it is a doozy – if we can raise $1000 for Fearless, we’ll all get a Scientology audit!  Details are in the podcast but if you want to donate, links are below.

    If you follow the link to Die Laughing, you will see a donate button at the top right hand of the page.  Donations are accepted from now through the end of the event.  If you want to donate to our challenge, make sure you put a comment in your donation that it is for the Geeks Without God Scientology challenge.


  • Episode 27 – Apropos of Something

    This week is part II of our epic Fearless Comedy crossover EVENT!  Last week, the three of us appeared on Apropos of Nothing and this week, the hosts of AON appear on our podcast!  With three guests, we didn’t have much time for anything but five questions.  Salsa and Jena answered our five questions and then Matt, by virtue of being a former guest, asked the three of us his own five questions (a podcast tradition established by Ronn Bauman during a an episode that will air in a few weeks).  So that was a mere ten questions and we talked for almost an hour!  Matt managed to ask a question that got all three of us to say something sure to anger at least one person listening so keep your ears peeled for that!

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  • Episode 20 – I Believe in Australia

    In this week’s episode, we talked with Matt Allex, co-host of the Apropos of Nothing podcast about helping a fellow atheist out of the closet. The story got us launched on the way we choose to talk about our atheism and what we hope to accomplish by doing so.  Matt has some great observations about helping people to think critically as a way to help them find their way to atheism. He also answers our five questions.

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