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  • Gay Marriage and You – Why We Are Asking You To Support Marriage Equality

    Our stance on gay marriage has been well documented in several podcasts (most recently episode 16).  In our opinion, the argument is over.  Gay marriage will be legal in the United States someday.  The question before us is when?  How long will we continue to have this fight?  At what point will the public stand up and say “enough! This is over!”

    Our hope is that it will be this year.  Four states have marriage equality initiatives on the ballot this year.

    The states of Maryland and Washington have initiatives seeking to overturn laws that already make gay marriage legal in their state.

    In Maine there is an initiative to legalize gay marriage.

    In Minnesota, there is an initiative to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, doubling up on a discriminatory law that already exists.

    As atheists, the issue is obvious.  Do we have the right to continue to discriminate against our fellow human beings on the basis of their sexual preference?  The answer is so clearly no, we don’t understand why any other argument would be considered.

    It isn’t that simple, though.  So in the final day before we all have the chance to stem the tide of marriage discrimination in America, we’d like to look at the illogical arguments that seek to support institutional discrimination.

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