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  • Episode 127 – Left Behind 2014

    Left-Behind--Nicolas-Cage_article_story_largeLeft Behind has become something of a running gag on our podcast.  Having watched Kirk Cameron’s version of this popular Christian fable and suffered through the atrocious board game, we turned our gaze towards the newest iteration starring Oscar winner Nicholas Cage.  In spite of a considerably higher budget, the film managed to achieve what we thought would be impossible.  It was worse that the first one and possibly worse than the board game.  We watched it so you didn’t have to.  Listen to our pain!

  • Episode 52 – Public Bumming

    CONvergence is less than a week away and even though we’ve already spent an episode geeking out about the con, we decided to do it again!  This time we try to focus on what we love about the convention including some stories from past years and full details about the costumes that Molly and Nick plan to be wearing over the course of the weekend. There is also an unusual amount of discussion about anal sex for our podcast.  By “unusual,” we mean “more than none.”  We also read off five answers from a gay science teacher in Indiana.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Upcoming Episode Guide for Spring!

    We have mapped out the next several weeks of our podcast and we know you want to know what’s coming your way!  Here’s a sneak preview of this month’s Geeks without God-ery.

    May 14th – Atheism and Politics

    Eric Jacobson won the right to be a guest on our podcast at the Fearless Comedy silent auction in January!  The topic of his choosing is atheism and politics.  Given the current role of atheism in American politics, this could be the shortest podcast we’ve ever recorded.

    May 21st – Aesthetics

    Molly will let us know how she got kicked out of a college classroom for arguing about aesthetics.  This promises to be a serious episode about what is beautiful and whether or not god has anything to do with determining such things.  Spoiler: We don’t think god has anything to do with it.

    May 28th – Greta Christina

    Recorded at the Skep-Tech conference, we talk with Greta about her book “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?”  Greta has the most interesting geeky hobby ever.  We’ll also give listeners a chance to win one of her books!

    June 4th – CONvergence Preview

    Our favorite local convention is coming up and this week we’ll be previewing what we are looking forward to at what Nick fondly refers to as “Nerdy Gras.”

    June 11th – Parenting and Atheism

    We will joined by Tim’s wife Pat to talk about raising kids without faith and how they are working to make sure their children are raised to think skeptically.  That or we are going to discuss the depiction of atheists in popular culture.  Pat hasn’t decided yet.  Either way, it’ll be interesting!

    June 11th – Joseph Scrimshaw

    Due to an illness, we had to re-schedule Pat for a later episode.  Instead, we were joined by comedian Joseph Scrimshaw.  We talked about his Kickstarter project, comic theory and “hopeful atheism.”

  • Episode 44 – The Left Behind Board Game Drinking Game

    photo 1-2This week’s episode was recorded live at Omegacon Spring! Friends of the show Brianne Bilyeu, Stephane Zvan and Jason Thibeault joined us this week to play the Left Behind Board Game! We had been operating under the assumption that to do so would be a hoot.  What we didn’t count on was one of the worst designed board games ever. Given how awful the movie was, we should have guessed.  We did our best to make the experience entertaining but in case it’s all too much, we came up with a drinking game you can play during the episode.  The board game won’t get any better but the episode will probably improve a LOT.

    Here are the rules (feel free to add your own rules in the comments):

    Take a drink every time moonshine soaked cherries are passed out or someone mentions consuming one

    Take a drink whenever we make a Ghostbusters reference

    Take a drink every time someone mentions game theory

    Take a drink every time someone says the game sucks

    Take a drink every time someone lands on a Carpathia square

    Take a drink every time someone says “Flightplan.”

    Take a drink every time we get a question about the bible correct

    Take a drink any time someone mentions Omegacon

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 29 – Left Behind

    This week, we delve headfirst into another in-depth movie episode.  Instead of a movie we like, though, this is the absolutely horrible fundamentalist Christian screed, Left Behind.  Molly and Nick gave the movie to Tim as a gag gift and so, to punish them, we all sat down together to watch the thing.  Friends, it is not a good movie.  When we say we suffered for you on this one, you can trust us – we suffered. This podcast is as close as you should ever get to the movie.  So please, enjoy!  (P.S: We also read Marc Baker’s answers to our five questions)

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