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  • Episode 5 – Geeky Boners

    No guests on this week’s show.  The three of us talk about the geeky stuff that has been on our minds lately and then we turn our attention to a series of questions that we’ve been told every atheist should answer.  We manage to make it through two of them before we are too annoyed to continue.  Molly also gets her chance to answer our five questions.  We spend a fair amount of time talking about Iron Man (actually Tony Stark). We also talked about what gives our lives meaning and a moral code since it’s pretty clear we don’t think it’s God.

    Molly talks about her work at Fantasy Flight Games.  Go check them out.

    We got through two of Tim’s Ten Questions Every Atheist Should answer and we don’t think we’ll do any more because they pissed us off too much.  If you’re interested in the rest of the questions and Tim’s answers, you can read them here.  He’s also been working through some follow up questions asked by a fundamentalist Christian.