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  • Episode 277 – What Scares Us

    donghai-bridgeThis year, our podcast actually comes out on Halloween! In honor of the greatest of all holidays, we spend the podcast talking about all the stuff that scares us. This proves to be something of a challenge for Nick because he’s not really scared of anything. Except he is and we managed to squeeze it out of him.  Tim and Molly are more worried about sharing their fears because someone might use the knowledge for dark and evil purposes. So don’t do that, OK? It would be a dick move.

  • Episode 15 – Halloween Boners

    For our October Geeky Boner episode, we talked about spreadsheets, Borderlands 2 (oh boy do we talk about Borderlands 2), and Tim’s band, The Dregs.  They just released a new CD (Do it Like You’re Drunk), which Molly and Nick recommend. We also spent a lot of time talking about Halloween because all three of us love the holiday.  Molly reminisces about her Wiccan days.  Then we read and respond to Erica Zaffke Schaub’s answers to our five questions.

    Show notes below the fold:

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