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  • Episode 282 – Omegacon Gaming Roundup 2017

    Nmbr9-1This episode was recorded live at Omegacon Fall 2017 with our friend and gaming geek Brianne Bilyeu! We talk over some of the new games we played over the weekend (there weren’t as many as we’d hoped there would be). We all came away big fans of Nmbr9 so that’s probably one you should check out! Brianne, having just answered our five questions, proceeds to ask five questions of us!

  • Episode 261 – Collectable Cards and Cookies

    BrianDurkin1This week we are joined by Philadelphia comedian and podcaster Brain Durkin.  Brian was in town for a little while and we sat down with him to talk about his history making money playing collectable card games, his thoughts on religion, and his podcast Full Belly Laughs. We had a great conversation with him and hope you enjoy it!

  • Episode 259 – Mooks is in the House!

    Mooks is in the HouseThis week, our guest is Saymoukda Vongsay, the Refugenius!  She is a poet and playwright who is going to be a Guest of Honor at CONvergence 2017.  We have a far ranging conversation with her that covers her experiences as a refugee, her buddhist roots, her play “Kung-Fu Zombies” and just about everything else!  If you are coming to the convention this year, she is definitely going to be a guest you want to find and we hope our conversation helped to put her on your radar!

    If you missed the link above, click here to check out her web page!

  • Episode 230 – The Faithless Feminist

    Basic RGBThis week, we are joined my remote guest Karen Garst to discuss her book “”  We had a really great conversation about why she put the book the book together and about many of the women who contributed their stories.  Please note that on this particular recording, we encountered some audio issues on our end.  You can still understand everything but there is a bit of an echo.  Hooray for technology!  We linked to Karen’s book on Amazon above.  You can also purchase it through her website, The Faithless Feminist.

    It is a very good read and we recommend you check it out!

  • Episode 229 – Cripple Talk

    invacare-forearm-crutches-842For this week’s episode, we sat down with our friend Timmy Iverson, AKA “Timmy the Cripple.”  We talk to him about living with a disability and how many times someone has tried to lay hands on him.  It is an enlightening conversation about how one’s life experiences can be quite different when you have a visible handicap.  It is also a great example of how some people have absolutely no boundaries. Timmy is totally cool with being called a cripple, by the way. He likes it.


  • Episode 36 – Creationist Science Fair

    Our guest this week is Rob Callahan, writer and journalist.  He joins us to talk about his visit to a Creationist Science fair.  He tells us about the creationist scientific method (yes – there is one) and how well some of these kids did adhering to it.  He tells us about his experience coming out as an atheist in order to write his article about the fair as well.  Most people would probably be surprised to learn his coming out experience is fairly typical.  Of course, he also gets a crack at our five questions.  Enjoy!

    And hey!  Some publisher out there should help Rob write about the Twin Cities Creation Science Association!  Help a writer out!

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  • Episode 34 – Who’s an Atheist?

    This week we are joined by guest Matt Savelkoul, who is quite the expert on Doctor Who.  We begin by discussing his journey to atheism but then we get to the important question – is The Doctor an atheist? Or, rather: Does god exist in the Doctor Who universe?  Both Matt and Nick even prepared notes on the subject!  After spending far too little time on the subject of Who, Matt gets a crack at our five questions.

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  • Episode 16 – Vote No

    Our guest this week is Tony Miller, who plays Shamus the Insulter at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (as well as other festivals around the country).  He was raised in the Menonnite church but moved away from it when he was in his thirties, eventually resolving that he was an atheist.  As we talked about his reasons for leaving the church, we found ourselves turning to the upcoming ballot initiative to limit the right to marry in Minnesota.  It was a pretty emphatic conversation and if you can take anything from it, we hope it is the desire to convince just one person you know to change their vote to “no.”  Tony then answered our five questions and his choice of sandwich will excite those of you who are not vegetarians.

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  • Episode 14 – Helllllllo Islam!

    In this week’s episode, we talk with our friend Porter about recent protests in the Middle East.  We spend a lot of time talking about Islam – the first show in which we’ve spent a lot of time talking about that particular faith. We talk about the idea of wanting to kill someone in the name of what amounts to an imaginary friend and we get pretty riled up about it.  Then Porter answers our five questions and when he gets to his sandwich, we get riled up about that too.  Because who doesn’t get riled up about BACON?  Except Nick, of course, because he can’t eat bacon.  Oh well…more for the rest of us.

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