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  • Oh God, We’re Going to Church

    10154934_10100814656908460_8505862338927593150_nThanks to the generous support of fans like you, the three of us were able to raise $666 for Fearless Comedy Productions this last weekend.

    As you may recall, Tim and Nick promised to shave their heads if we reached $333.  You an see photographic evidence we reached that goal.  In the twelve hours after their heads were shaved, no fewer than ten people didn’t recognize Tim.  One of those people was Molly.

    For $666, we promised to go to mass at Grace Church in Eden Prairie.  We are going to go attend quietly and respectfully.  We will not troll the church with atheist T-shirts or anything like that.  When we are done with the service, we’ll go home and record our 100th podcast about the experience.

    When we record the podcast, there is a decent chance we’ll be less than respectful.

    If you’d like to know more about the church, here’s what they believe.

    Thanks again for your generosity.  We may not be looking forward to going to church but at least we are suffering for a good cause!

  • Episode 75 – Seeking Answers

    This week our guest is Carr Hagerman, speaker and Artistic Director of the Minnesota Renaissance festival.  We start with talking to Carr about his journey to atheism and then he tells us a remarkable story that changes the direction of the entire conversation.  We start to explore the ideas of sexual abuse and religion failing to fix the cycle.  Basically, we cover a lot of ground.  Special thanks are due to Molly’s mom for letting us use her dining room table!

    Show notes below the fold:

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