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  • Episode 117 – Renaissance Boners

    minnesota-renaissance-festivalThis episode is pretty mellow because we were all operating at high levels of sleep deprivation.  The 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival is behind us and yet this geeky boner episode is filled with memories of a season just gone by.  Molly, though, does manage to get hard about something that is not the festival so you can fast forward to her her part if you don’t want to listen to us blather on about being street performers.  We also read a listener’s answers for the first time in a while.  Enjoy our exhaustion!


  • Episode 109 – Reality Boners

    RamsayThis week’s episode is a brand new installment of our Geeky boners!  As always, we spend the entire episode nerding out about our latest obsessions.  Molly’s latest obsession is actually a fairly old one that takes the form of a well read book.  Nick has been playing the beta of a new game.  Tim has been binge watching…well…a whole lot of different stuff.  Once we all get our nerd on, we read five answers from Australia.

  • Episode 104 – Geyser Boners

    DSC01415This week is a brand new geeky boner episode!  Our current geeky boners are all over the place.  Molly talks about some books she has read many times before.  Nick talks about a new Anime he’s really enjoying.  Tim talks about a national park he visited with his family.  We also read five answers from one of our listeners.  Right near the end, we talk our our CONvergence schedule for the coming weekend.  If you are at the con, find us!

    Show notes (including our convention schedule) below the fold:

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  • Episode 96 – Captain America Boners

    This week’s episode is another installment of Geeky boners!  We have a lot of big ones and a few small ones.  Tim spends time yakking about his latest writing projects, Molly yaks about a game she is playing, and Nick yaks about home pass. Then everyone starts yakking about the awesomeness that is Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Finally, we talk about the impact of the film on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and how the show is growing on us.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 87 – A Community of Marvelous Fabled Boners

    It’s geeky boner time on Geeks Without God!  Once again we explore the nerdy stuff that has us all excited.  Tim talks about a TV series that people have been trying to get him watch for the last four years.  Molly is very excited to spend a lot of personal time with her gaming system.  Nick is hot and bothered about Marvel casting news.  All three of us geek out hard and then we read a listener’s answers to our five questions.


  • Episode 68 – Pacific Boners

    This week we have another opportunity to explore the latest geeky stuff that has us inappropriately excited.  Tim talks about a new movie release that is his favorite movie of the year.  Nick gets super excited about video games and Molly is looking forward to a remake of a film based on a story written by her favorite author.  Is that vague enough for you?  We don’t want to give away everything!  We also read five answers to our questions!

    P.S:  Tim watched the movie right after recording the podcast – just like he said he was going to.

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  • Episode 60 – Becky Boners

    This week’s episode was recorded in the luxurious trailer studios at the Renaissance Festival where we talked about our latest geeky boners.  Nick is still pretty excited about Animal Crossing so there’s some talk about perfect cherries. Molly talks about the card game Tichu and improper dealing techniques that got her kicked out of the Bridge club.  Yes – she was in Bridge club.  Tim gets all obnoxious about the State Fair and he talks about all sorts of food you won’t get to eat.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 50 – National Park Boners

    DSC00656We have a week filled with geeky boners of all kinds.  Not your usual geeky topics, mind you.  Rather, we talk about things like marathons and nuclear missle launch facilities.  Because when you talk about what makes you geek out, it isn’t always comics or movies or TV.  Sometimes it’s the stuff that just makes our geeky little hearts beat faster.  We also talk about video games so we manage to bring it back to a core geek topic.  We also read five answers by Stacy from California!

    Also, we have a brief blurb for Camp Quest Minnesota at the end of the episode.  Over the holidays last year, we raised enough money to support one scholarship for a child who otherwise couldn’t afford to go.  If you have kids in the right age range, now is the time to sign them up!

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 41 – Proofreading Boners

    It has been a while since the three of us have explored our geeky boners!  Molly gets excited about proofreading in ways that will make no sense to people who don’t care about grammar.  Nick runs through a large number of movies that he is looking forward to this year.  Tim talks about all the tabletop games he’s been playing lately, including games produced by Molly’s company and Lords of Waterdeep, which was mentioned by Brienne Bilyeu back in Episode 24.  Also, For the first time in a while, a listener (Josh Helton) gets a crack at our five questions.

    Show notes below the fold (including important corrections of what Molly said) :

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  • Upcoming Episodes

    We had a great weekend attending talks and recording at Skep-Tech!  We have several episodes coming up from that event as well as lots of other good stuff.  Looking for more specifics?  Here you go!

    April 9th – Skep-Tech 2013 Panel

    We were invited to host a panel at Skep-Tech 2013 featuring Greta Christina, Tim Farley, Chelsea du Fresne and Zach Weinersmith.  We did our best to stay quiet and let our all star panel say interesting things.  You can be the judge of whether or not we succeeded.

    April 16th – Proofreading Boners

    Our April Geeky Boner episode will feature geeking about movies, proofreading and a whole lot of talk about tabletop gaming.

    April 23rd – Zach Weinersmith

    Another podcast recorded live at Skep-Tech, we had the opportunity to sit down with Zach of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.  We talked about censorship for a while and he answers our five questions.  We also tried to get some insight into the mysterious “gay agenda.”  The results of that exploration were less than satisfying.

    April 30th – Live at Omegacon Spring

    We don’t exactly know what we’ll be recording or who we’ll be recording with but we’re going to sit down at the convention and record a podcast!  A couple of days later (while we’re still hung over), we’ll post it!