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  • Episode 45 – Politics and Atheism

    Way back in January, there was a silent auction at the Fearless Launch party.  One of the items up for bid was a guest spot on Geeks Without God.  Months later, we finally got the winner of the epic bidding war on the podcast.  Eric Jacobson, the big winner, joined us to talk about his experiences in local politics and we get to talking about what it will take to get atheists into a position where they can actually have an impact on the political process.  We also talked about the (then upcoming) historic vote for marriage equality in Minnesota. For his donation, of course, Eric also got a crack at our five questions.

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  • Episode 19 – OmegaCon Boners

    This episode was recorded live at OmegaCon 2012.  Molly and Nick had been drinking rather extensively and they brought along a drink for other folks to try, the sonic screwdriver.  Tim even tried it and he hardly ever drinks (there’s a picture on our Facebook page – which you could like if you wanted to)!  He hated it.  We talk about our November geeky boners which mostly have to do with all the stuff we are doing at OmegaCon.  Also goats. We also gloat about the defeat of the Minnesota Gay Marriage amendment.  Then random audience volunteer Mary got to answer our five questions!

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  • Gay Marriage and You – Why We Are Asking You To Support Marriage Equality

    Our stance on gay marriage has been well documented in several podcasts (most recently episode 16).  In our opinion, the argument is over.  Gay marriage will be legal in the United States someday.  The question before us is when?  How long will we continue to have this fight?  At what point will the public stand up and say “enough! This is over!”

    Our hope is that it will be this year.  Four states have marriage equality initiatives on the ballot this year.

    The states of Maryland and Washington have initiatives seeking to overturn laws that already make gay marriage legal in their state.

    In Maine there is an initiative to legalize gay marriage.

    In Minnesota, there is an initiative to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, doubling up on a discriminatory law that already exists.

    As atheists, the issue is obvious.  Do we have the right to continue to discriminate against our fellow human beings on the basis of their sexual preference?  The answer is so clearly no, we don’t understand why any other argument would be considered.

    It isn’t that simple, though.  So in the final day before we all have the chance to stem the tide of marriage discrimination in America, we’d like to look at the illogical arguments that seek to support institutional discrimination.

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  • Episode 16 – Vote No

    Our guest this week is Tony Miller, who plays Shamus the Insulter at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (as well as other festivals around the country).  He was raised in the Menonnite church but moved away from it when he was in his thirties, eventually resolving that he was an atheist.  As we talked about his reasons for leaving the church, we found ourselves turning to the upcoming ballot initiative to limit the right to marry in Minnesota.  It was a pretty emphatic conversation and if you can take anything from it, we hope it is the desire to convince just one person you know to change their vote to “no.”  Tony then answered our five questions and his choice of sandwich will excite those of you who are not vegetarians.

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