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  • Episode 47 – Why are we Atheists so Angry?

    Skep-Tech/Greta ChristinaWaaaay back at Skep-Tech, we had the opportunity to sit down and record a podcast with Greta Christina to talk about her book – “Why are You Atheists so Angry – 99 Things that Piss off the Godless.”  Not only did we have an opportunity to talk about a lot of things that piss us off, we asked Greta our five questions.  Among other things, we got to learn about her secret geeky hobby which, we have to say, is pretty awesome.  Also, in the tradition of Geeks Without God giving away stuff, we have a copy of Greta’s book to give away!  Just listen to the podcast and you will learn the very simple rules you need to follow to be a winner!

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Our Guests Love Us!

    Hey, we’ve linked to Brianne Bilyeau’s blog over at FreethoughtBlogs a few times this week.  She was a guest on our podcast and everything so it seems somewhat appropriate.

    So please don’t hate us if we do it again because she totally blogged about us!

    We’re podcasters and comedians so that means we are total attention whores.  Thanks for feeding our addiction, Brianne!


  • Episode 6 – Archaeologists Are Smart

    Episode 6 is the last episode we recorded at CONvergence 2012.  We had a chance to talk to Jason Thibeault, whose name is unfortunately pronouned the same as “Teabow,” and Stephanie Zvan, who both blog over at FreethoughtBlogs.  They both attended the ancient alien debate the previous evening and were nice enough to tell us a little bit about the event.  It sounded a little bit like a bloodbath (figuratively speaking).  Don’t take their word for it, though, we have  a link to the full panel below.  You’ll want to look away but you’ll find that you can’t!  Then we turn our five questions on our guests and they give some very revealing answers.  Stephanie, it particular, digs very deep to give us her favorite atheist character.  It was a great interview to finish out our first weekend as podcasters!

    Show notes below the fold.

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  • Upcoming Podcast Schedule

    Hey everyone!  We currently have four podcasts in the can and ready for posting and we’ll be recording two more next week! Here’s our upcoming schedule:

    Next Week:  Our second episode with just the three of us.  We talk about our latest geeky obsessions which, thanks to Molly, we are thinking of calling Geeky Boners.  We also answer some condescending questions about atheism and Molly gets to answer our five questions (which are not condescending)

    8/14:  The last of our four episodes recorded at CONvergence.  This one features Jason Thibault and Stephanie Zvan from FreethoughtBlogs.  We talk about the Ancient Alien debate that took place at the convention.

    8/21:  The three of us talk about our latest geeky boners, we talk about what the term “Fundamentalist Atheist” might mean and Nick finally gets to answer our five questions.

    8/28: An episode with Laura Okagaki-Vraspir.  We talk fungus! Zombie Fungus!

    9/4:  The three of us are going to talk about the film Inherit the Wind and whether or not evolution and religion should be taught in schools.

    9/11:  An Episode with Josh Humphrey where we talk about The Amazing Meeting (TAM to those who are in the know).