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  • Episode 27 – Apropos of Something

    This week is part II of our epic Fearless Comedy crossover EVENT!  Last week, the three of us appeared on Apropos of Nothing and this week, the hosts of AON appear on our podcast!  With three guests, we didn’t have much time for anything but five questions.  Salsa and Jena answered our five questions and then Matt, by virtue of being a former guest, asked the three of us his own five questions (a podcast tradition established by Ronn Bauman during a an episode that will air in a few weeks).  So that was a mere ten questions and we talked for almost an hour!  Matt managed to ask a question that got all three of us to say something sure to anger at least one person listening so keep your ears peeled for that!

    Show Notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 7 – Two Year Long Mars Boner

    The three of us get together to explore our most recent geeky boners including comic books, Mars Curiousity and running with zombies.  Tim also talks a little about his contribution to an essay compilation.  Then we turn our minds to a question a Fundamentalist Christian asked Tim on his blog – is there such a thing as a fundamentalist atheist?  Once we’ve spent some time pondering that question, we turn our attention to Nick and he finally gets to answer our five questions.  If his favorite sandwich doesn’t make you hungry, there’s something wrong with you.

    Show notes are below the fold.

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  • Answer our five Questions!

    Hey everyone – as of our August 21st podcast, the three hosts will have answered our five questions and that means when we don’t have a guest, we don’t have anyone to answer our five questions!  What are we going to do????

    We’re going to ask you to answer them!

    If you’d like to answer our questions and have us read them over the air, send an e-mail to Tim, Nick or Molly @geekswithoutgod.com.  Make sure you put “Five Questions” in the subject line.

    We want your answers to these questions:

    1)  What was the best movie you saw in the last 30 days (in the theatre or at home)

    2) Who is your favorite atheist/agnostic/non-theist character?

    3)  What is your geekiest hobby?

    4)  What is your favorite sandwich?  Please be specific and descriptive.

    5)  What is the stupidest/strangest thing anyone has said to you about your atheism/skepticism?

    Remember, don’t answer the questions in the comments – e-mail us your answers!  We’ll start reading them off on the show as soon as we receive some!