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  • Episode 122 – Geek Morals

    1147988Tim’s wife Pat rejoins us this week to talk about Geek morality.  We look at popular geek culture and talk about the moral lessons we find there and how those moral lessons compare to those we find in other texts like – say – the bible!  We explore the grey areas that can be found in many of our favorite genre fiction including Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr. Who.  Then Pat asks us five questions!

  • Episode 87 – A Community of Marvelous Fabled Boners

    It’s geeky boner time on Geeks Without God!  Once again we explore the nerdy stuff that has us all excited.  Tim talks about a TV series that people have been trying to get him watch for the last four years.  Molly is very excited to spend a lot of personal time with her gaming system.  Nick is hot and bothered about Marvel casting news.  All three of us geek out hard and then we read a listener’s answers to our five questions.