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  • Episode 128 – NALT

    250squareOn this week’s episode, we explore the Not All Like That Christians Project.  Endorsed by  Dan Savage in this video, the project was started to give Christians the opportunity to come out of the closet and publicly state their support for LGBT rights.  Our friend Eric Knight joins us for a conversation that includes the tricky question: why is the NALT project a good thing and #notallmen a bad thing?  Eric also asks us five questions and we  spend a lot of time talking about vegetables.


  • Episode 58 – Grief Without God

    This week we are joined by our friend Eric Knight, who recently lost his father.  Tim lost his father over twenty years ago.  Both of them talk about how they dealt/continue to deal with their loss.  We talk a lot about what we, as atheists, do and don’t want to hear when we lose someone we care about.  We also mention Grief Beyond Belief, a Facebook group that helps atheists and agnostics work through loss.  Eric also has the opportunity to answer our five questions.

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