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  • Episode 177 – Disney Boners

    gxlkql4bnan134sgmkb3This episode title is sure to get us in trouble with some lawyers.  As is the implication that we’d get a boner from Mikey Mouse.  But really, we are just geeking out about all the cool nerdy stuff in our lives.  At the moment this episode goes up, Tim is on the ocean cruising with Mikey and his pals.  Nick is probably still playing Fallout 4.  Molly is still playing Animal Crossing.  Since those are our geeky boners for the week, it makes perfect sense!

  • Episode 21 – Drunk Molly

    In our second episode recorded live at OmegaCon 2012, Molly is, somehow, even more drunk than she was in Episode 19.  So was Nick, mind you, but he didn’t talk about it as much.  Tim wasn’t drunk so that might explain why he did most of the talking. Tim talked about a trip he was about to take to Disney World and the whole thing segued into a conversation about sex education.  Then we started talking about Fearless Comedy Productions.  Nick and Molly also make a drunken bet that Tim gets to arbitrate and then we read off a listeners’ answer to our five questions.  Our answers came all the way from a listener in Australia and Molly drunkenly impersonates an Australian accent!

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