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  • Episode 84 – Creationism vs. Evolution

    We recorded this episode while Bill Nye was debating Creationism with Ken Ham.  We know a lot of our listeners were watching the debate last week but we decided instead to talk about our feelings about creationism and why we didn’t think the debate was a great idea.  Response since we recorded the episode has been mostly positive but even if Nye “won” the debate, did he do more to advance his own cause or Ken Ham’s?

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  • Episode 36 – Creationist Science Fair

    Our guest this week is Rob Callahan, writer and journalist.  He joins us to talk about his visit to a Creationist Science fair.  He tells us about the creationist scientific method (yes – there is one) and how well some of these kids did adhering to it.  He tells us about his experience coming out as an atheist in order to write his article about the fair as well.  Most people would probably be surprised to learn his coming out experience is fairly typical.  Of course, he also gets a crack at our five questions.  Enjoy!

    And hey!  Some publisher out there should help Rob write about the Twin Cities Creation Science Association!  Help a writer out!

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  • Episode 3 – I’m Batman

    Episode 3 was recorded prior the to release of The Dark Knight Rises and we decided to ask the question “is Batman an atheist?”  We explore all the evidence that we can remember (and we get some of it wrong) and talk about comic book characters that we know are atheists.  Nick reveals an extensive comic book knowledge that greatly eclipses Tim and Molly.  Then we point our five questions at Tim and force him to tell us about his favorite sandwich, his geekiest hobby and his favorite atheist character.  His geeky hobby is really sort of insane.

    Here is a link to information about Tim’s Alphabetical Movie Project.

    And here’s a link to the website we were using to identify the religion of comic book characters.