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  • Episode 22 – Camp Quest

    On today’s episode, we talk with Norm Barrett Wiik, contributor to Atheist Voices of Minnesota, about Camp Quest Minnesota, a summer camp for kids that focuses on critical thinking skills.  Norm is on the board of directors and currently serves as Registrar and Treasurer; he  has been working with Camp Quest for several years. We also discuss the results of the bet made on Episode 21, and Norm answers our five questions. You can learn a lot more about the camp in our interview and then you can help us raise a little money for charity in this season of giving!  There’s a widget on our website, and through the month of December, we are trying to raise $500. That’s just about the right amount to sponsor one child’s cost for a week at Camp Quest.  If you think that idea is as cool as we do, pledge something!

    Show notes below the fold:

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