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  • A Thank You From Camp Quest

    Hey awesome Geeks Without God listeners!  Our friend Norman Barrett-Wiik, treasurer for Camp Quest Minnesota and friend of the show from Episode 22, has recorded a thank you message for everyone who helped make our 2014 fundraiser such a big success!  We really appreciate all of your contributions and so will the two kids sponsored by your generosity this summer.

    Listen to Norm tell you how great all of you are!  You are all good without god!

  • Mission: Accomplished! Funds: Raised!

    We hit our goal of $500 raised for Camp Quest Minnesota! Thank you so much to all our donors who made this possible. Because of your generosity, this wonderfully secular, critical-thinking-and-science-focused summer camp will be even better this year. Thanks again to Norman Barrett-Wiik, our esteemed guest from a few weeks back. And again, thank you to each and every one of you.

    Don’t stop now! Let’s see how much more we can raise before the deadline of January 1st. If you haven’t yet donated, please consider tossing even $10 toward this great cause. Just click the button on the upper left corner of our site to donate.

  • Check out the Sweet Podcasting Swag!

    On our Camp Quest episode, Norm Barrett Wiik promised us Camp Quest T-shirts because of our seasonal fundraising campaign.  This marked the first time we’ve been given swag on our podcast!  We’d like to inform all future guests that the bar has been raised.

    The 2012 Camp Quest shirts are some sweet looking shirts and we look awesome in them.  Before you look at the picture, though, take a look at our Camp Quest Fundraiser.

    As of this posting, we’ve been stuck at $310 for about a week.  Our goal is only $500!  We know that you’ve already picked up your Christmas presents so now is the time to toss $10 at a good cause.  That’s the minimum donation, by the way. Ten measly dollars.

    Think of all the free entertainment we’ve provided you!   That has to be worth giving $10 so an underpriveledged kid can go to camp, doesn’t it?

    S’mores are a right of passage!  Right?

    OK, enough begging for money.  Check out your pretty pretty hosts in their pretty pretty T-shirts!

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  • Episode 22 – Camp Quest

    On today’s episode, we talk with Norm Barrett Wiik, contributor to Atheist Voices of Minnesota, about Camp Quest Minnesota, a summer camp for kids that focuses on critical thinking skills.  Norm is on the board of directors and currently serves as Registrar and Treasurer; he  has been working with Camp Quest for several years. We also discuss the results of the bet made on Episode 21, and Norm answers our five questions. You can learn a lot more about the camp in our interview and then you can help us raise a little money for charity in this season of giving!  There’s a widget on our website, and through the month of December, we are trying to raise $500. That’s just about the right amount to sponsor one child’s cost for a week at Camp Quest.  If you think that idea is as cool as we do, pledge something!

    Show notes below the fold:

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