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  • Episode 282 – Omegacon Gaming Roundup 2017

    Nmbr9-1This episode was recorded live at Omegacon Fall 2017 with our friend and gaming geek Brianne Bilyeu! We talk over some of the new games we played over the weekend (there weren’t as many as we’d hoped there would be). We all came away big fans of Nmbr9 so that’s probably one you should check out! Brianne, having just answered our five questions, proceeds to ask five questions of us!

  • Episode 281 – Redemption: The Collectible Card Game

    s-l225This week, we are joined by returning guest Brianne Bilyeu. We are all at OmegaCon and friend of the show Ellie Younger has gifted us the collectible card game Redemption!  The basic idea is to use your army of god to rescue lost souls while also using your forces of evil to stop your opponent from doing the same thing. We play test it for your enjoyment but not really for ours. What is it about Christian game designers and their inability to make games worth playing?

    Below the fold, you will find several pictures of the strangely erotic cards.

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  • Episode 228 – The Atheist Delusion

    dvd_the-atheist-delusion-300x300Back on Sunday the 6th of November, the three of us joined Brianne Bilyeu on Atheists Talk radio to discuss Ray Comfort’s film The Atheist Delusion.  You can listen to that episode here.  Thing is, we couldn’t swear (full disclosure – Nick swore).  And this is a movie that completely deserves some serious time devoted to swearing.  If you want to watch the movie, you can see it for free on YouTube.  We want to be really clear, though: You don’t want to watch it.  Here’s a link, but don’t watch it.  Listen to us bitch about it.  That should be enough.

  • Episode 163 – Bible TriBond

    $_35Good friend and frequent guest Brianne Bilyeu was at a garage sale recently and she came across an unopened copy of Bible TriBond.  Knowing, as she does, our interest in lame Christian board games, she bought the game and gave it to us as a gift.  We re-gifted her by having her join us for a podcast where we play the game!  TriBond, by the way, is not the best designed board game to begin with.  When you slap the Bible on top of it, it doesn’t get better.  While by no means as awful as Left Behind: The Board Game, we certainly can’t recommend this game to anyone.  And we aren’t just saying that because we’re atheists.  If you want to borrow the game to try it out yourself, though, Tim still has it.  For now.

  • Listen to our Appearance on Atheists Talk!

    A couple of weeks ago, we were guests on the Atheists Talk Radio Program.  Our house was friend of the show Brienne Bilyeu.  We talked about the genesis of the podcast, some of our favorite episodes and all sorts of other fun stuff.  Want an mp3 of the show?  Done!

    If the player below doesn’t work for you, you can always find the episode on the Minnesota Atheists web site!




  • Episode 72 – DragonRaid

    This week’s very special episode was recorded live at OmegaCon 2013 and features guests Brianne Bilyeu and Ceitius of the Xtreme Tasting League helping us play the Christian Role Playing game “DragonRaid!”  It’s not actually a role playing game, mind you, as that leads to Satan worship.  It is officially a fantasy simulation. It is also officially silly and overly complex.  Tim never even got to use his Hatred of evil skill.  Yes, that is an actual skill.While it is badly designed, we all agree it is nowhere near as poorly conceived as the Left Behind board game.  Sit back and enjoy our attempts to learn about Chrstianity through some of the most ill conceived analagies possible!

    Note: Unlike the rest of our episodes, there is some editing on this one.  There were long gaps where we were paging through rule books and other boring stuff.  We cut some of that shit out.

  • Reigion is such a Becky

    Hey, for all you cool kids who have listened to Episode 60, friend of the show (and former guest) Brianne Bilyeu has produced fan art!  We loves us the fan art.  It makes us feel special!

    Check it out and, if you are so inclined, share this puppy around.  Then, when people don’t get it, make them listen to our podcast!  It’s subversive!


  • Episode 44 – The Left Behind Board Game Drinking Game

    photo 1-2This week’s episode was recorded live at Omegacon Spring! Friends of the show Brianne Bilyeu, Stephane Zvan and Jason Thibeault joined us this week to play the Left Behind Board Game! We had been operating under the assumption that to do so would be a hoot.  What we didn’t count on was one of the worst designed board games ever. Given how awful the movie was, we should have guessed.  We did our best to make the experience entertaining but in case it’s all too much, we came up with a drinking game you can play during the episode.  The board game won’t get any better but the episode will probably improve a LOT.

    Here are the rules (feel free to add your own rules in the comments):

    Take a drink every time moonshine soaked cherries are passed out or someone mentions consuming one

    Take a drink whenever we make a Ghostbusters reference

    Take a drink every time someone mentions game theory

    Take a drink every time someone says the game sucks

    Take a drink every time someone lands on a Carpathia square

    Take a drink every time someone says “Flightplan.”

    Take a drink every time we get a question about the bible correct

    Take a drink any time someone mentions Omegacon

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Our Guests Love Us!

    Hey, we’ve linked to Brianne Bilyeau’s blog over at FreethoughtBlogs a few times this week.  She was a guest on our podcast and everything so it seems somewhat appropriate.

    So please don’t hate us if we do it again because she totally blogged about us!

    We’re podcasters and comedians so that means we are total attention whores.  Thanks for feeding our addiction, Brianne!