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  • Episode 125 – God Talk

    GOD_DAMNITThis week we look at the way religious terminology is pervasive in our language and how we deal with that as atheists.  Phrases like “bless you” are considered polite and yet they assume something about the belief of the person saying and receiving the statement.  We also find ourselves looking at saying “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays.”  As a non believer, do we try to edit these words and phrases from our vocabulary or do we just ignore it?

  • Episode 66 – Victimless Crimes

    For this week’s topic, we are joined by returning guest Tony Miller, who helped us defeat the anti-gay Marriage amendment last year (yeah – it was totally us).  This time he joins us to talk about victimless crimes.  We start by talking about laws governing drug use (especially marijuana) but we also consider blue laws, marriage laws and blasphemy laws in a lengthy and interesting conversation.  Then Tony gets to ask us five questions and they are, as one might expect, pretty insightful.  Enjoy our indictment of everyone’s legal systems!

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