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  • Episode 124 – All the Super-Hero Movies

    2986944-8705912624-28542We were still at Omegacon when we sat down to take a look at the slate of super-hero movies that have been announced recently.  Obviously the Marvel and DC films take the front seat but we don’t forget about Fox and Sony.  It is way too early to know how good any of these movies will be but that doesn’t stop us from passing judgement anyway.  We also spend a few minutes talking about the Marvel movie that isn’t a Marvel movie –Big Hero Six.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 89 – A Career in Comics

    This week’s guest is Christopher Jones, comic book artist.  Chris has worked with both DC and Marvel and most recently finished working on the Young Justice book.  He is also a co-founder of CONvergence and the creator of the convention’s mascot, Connie.  We talked with Chris about getting his start as an artist, the committed Young Justice fan base and an exciting new project he is working on.  Of course, he also had the chance to answer our five questions.

    Note: Chris said that he may have the website for Parallel Man available by the time this episode went live but it has been pushed back a couple of months.  As soon as we have the information to share, we’ll make sure we put up a link!

    And here it is:  http://futuredude.com/titles/parallel-man/invasion-america/issue-01/

  • Episode 3 – I’m Batman

    Episode 3 was recorded prior the to release of The Dark Knight Rises and we decided to ask the question “is Batman an atheist?”  We explore all the evidence that we can remember (and we get some of it wrong) and talk about comic book characters that we know are atheists.  Nick reveals an extensive comic book knowledge that greatly eclipses Tim and Molly.  Then we point our five questions at Tim and force him to tell us about his favorite sandwich, his geekiest hobby and his favorite atheist character.  His geeky hobby is really sort of insane.

    Here is a link to information about Tim’s Alphabetical Movie Project.

    And here’s a link to the website we were using to identify the religion of comic book characters.