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  • Episode 6 – Archaeologists Are Smart

    Episode 6 is the last episode we recorded at CONvergence 2012.  We had a chance to talk to Jason Thibeault, whose name is unfortunately pronouned the same as “Teabow,” and Stephanie Zvan, who both blog over at FreethoughtBlogs.  They both attended the ancient alien debate the previous evening and were nice enough to tell us a little bit about the event.  It sounded a little bit like a bloodbath (figuratively speaking).  Don’t take their word for it, though, we have  a link to the full panel below.  You’ll want to look away but you’ll find that you can’t!  Then we turn our five questions on our guests and they give some very revealing answers.  Stephanie, it particular, digs very deep to give us her favorite atheist character.  It was a great interview to finish out our first weekend as podcasters!

    Show notes below the fold.

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