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  • Episode 201 – Contemporary Christian Music

    Our guests for episode #200 - Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith Photo by Bob Alberti
    Photo by Bob Alberti

    Recorded live at the Bryant Lake Bowl for our 200th episode celebration, we are joined once again by Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith!  Jeremy was home schooled and has a lot of experience with Contemporary Christian Music so he brought in some samples for all of us to “enjoy”.  We get clips from Amy Grant, The Newsboys (who we discussed when we watched God’s Not Dead), and more!  Listen to our horrified responses to this amazing musical salute to Jesus.  To help cleanse our palette, Jeremy then performed his song “The Return of Jesus Christ” for the first time EVER! It was a whole lot of fun – or at least as fun as it can be when you are listening to Contemporary Christian Music.


  • Episode 200 – The Music of our Lives

    Laughing it up while recording episode #200!  Photo by Bob Alberti
    Photo by Bob Alberti

    Our fabled 200th episode has arrived!  Recorded live on stage at the Bryant Lake Bowl, we are joined by Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith to talk about the mix tapes of our lives.  All five of us go through a list of songs that sort of tell a story about who we are.  There’s a lot of music and we probably should have put together playlists that we could link to but at this point, you should probably just go look all of this music up for yourself.  Unless you already own it.  Then good for you!

    Technical note: Molly’s microphone was going in and out during the recording of this episode so she can be a little difficult to hear.  For those of you who know Molly, it is definitely not because she is too quiet.

    We also launched our Patreon campaign the day we recorded this episode!

  • Geeks Without God Clothing!

    In preparation for our 200th episode, we are going to be offering Geeks Without God shirts and hoodies!

    OMG! That T-shirt is adorable!

    We know you’ve been praying for an opportunity to show your love for our podcast by wearing our logo around the workplace, at a convention, or even in Sunday school!  Now is your chance to tell the world “I buy things off of the internet” with pride!

    We have regular and premium blend unisex T-shirts, women’s T-shirts and, of course, hoodies.  The front has our logo and the back says “No mystical energy field controls our destiny.”

    It shouts “I love Star Wars (and other geeky stuff) and I don’t hate god because how can you hate something that doesn’t exist?”

    As black as our nonexistent souls!

    The order window will be open for 21 days.  That means you have until April 20th to make the most important decision you will make all year!

    Don’t wait until the last minute!  Order yours now!