• 200 Episodes and Counting

    Laughing it up while recording episode #200! Photo by Bob Alberti
    Laughing it up while recording episode #200!
    Photo by Bob Alberti

    I’m writing this blog before episode 200 airs because the live event has already happened and that means as long as there is not a global apocalypse or I die suddenly, it will most definitely air.

    And while both of those things are possible, they are not probable.  So I’m assuming we’ll make it.  Just in case I’m wrong, I’ve included some pictures from the event.

    If you missed our live show, you missed the announcement of our Patreon launch.

    This is a big step for us because it means we are asking for listener support to help us improve our product.  We’ve had a great time getting this far but we want to go further and get better.

    Here’s just a few things we are really proud of:

    • We’ve recorded 200 episodes in which none of the three of us have missed an episode
    • We have never missed a week
    • We’ve had great conversations with a number of really interesting guests including Trace Beaulieu, Zach Weinersmith, Jennifer Oulette, Rebecca Watson, and so many more!
    • We’ve mentioned Jeremy Stomberg a lot.  We really don’t know how many times but it is definitely over 100.
    Jeremy Stomberg made it to our 200th episode! Take a drink! Photo by Bob Alberti
    Jeremy Stomberg made it to our 200th episode! Take a drink!
    Photo by Bob Alberti

    I’ve been responsible for putting together the podcast each and every week and since the beginning, we’ve been recording on a omnidirectional microphone that works just fine.  But we can do better.

    That’s why we are launching a Patreon campaign.  If you listen to our show and enjoy what we do, you could help us out.  Here’s what your money can get us:

    If we reach $50 a month, we’ll record two special episodes a year that are going to be available only to Patreon supporters.  These could be episodes that explore specific issues more in depth, or episodes where we go on a field trip, or episodes suggested by a Patreon supporter.

    If we reach $100 a month, we’ll be upgrading our equipment!  We’ll get some new microphones, a mixing board, and some software to help us record more remote episodes, which will really help us increase the number of great guests we can get to join us.

    If we reach $150, we’ll be able to hire a web designer to improve our web site!

    If we reach $200, we’re going to get ourselves a button machine!

    If we reach $500, we’ll be able to take some epic field trips.  Like maybe visiting the Creation Museum or going to the Vatican!

    I know that $500 seems like a lot.  But we have over 1000 regular listeners and if only half of you supported us with $1 a month, we’d be there already!

    And we know you might not be able to support us.  That’s cool.  It’s your money.

    But if you enjoy the show and you can throw a little bit towards making it even better, we’d not only thank you, we will shower you with special stuff! Like early access to our podcasts or even the opportunity to eavesdrop while we record!

    So thanks for listening.  I can’t believe we made it to 200 episodes.

    At least I hope we will.  You never know when that comet is going to hit.

    If you want to know more about our Patreon campaign, you can click on the Patreon button in the right hand column.  Right there.  The orange one.  That says Patreon on it.


    Our guests for episode #200 - Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith Photo by Bob Alberti
    Our guests for episode #200 – Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith
    Photo by Bob Alberti

  • Episode 196 – Love and Marriage

    12961564_10207513512109199_2359234324343271175_nThis week we were recording live from Die Laughing, a 50 hour comedy marathon.  Immediately prior to this episode, the three of us were privileged to participate in a unique improvised wedding ceremony as three of seven officiants. It was extremely silly.  We were then joined by the bride, regular guest Melissa Kaercher and her new husband, Fes.  We spend most of the episode talking about the wedding, which will probably make you wish you were there.

    Congratulations, Melissa and Fes!

  • Episode 195 – Joy and Death

    flat,800x800,070,fThis week we tackle the question of death and celebration.  As atheists, we view death as the end of existence.  Does it naturally follow that all death is a tragedy?  If we allow ourselves to feel some amount of pleasure in the death of someone we abhor, is that behavior abhorrent?  We start with some recent deaths and then look at some people whose deaths would, in general, be considered an absolute good.  Philosophy and ethics abound in this thoughtful episode.

  • Geeks Without God Clothing!

    In preparation for our 200th episode, we are going to be offering Geeks Without God shirts and hoodies!

    OMG! That T-shirt is adorable!

    We know you’ve been praying for an opportunity to show your love for our podcast by wearing our logo around the workplace, at a convention, or even in Sunday school!  Now is your chance to tell the world “I buy things off of the internet” with pride!

    We have regular and premium blend unisex T-shirts, women’s T-shirts and, of course, hoodies.  The front has our logo and the back says “No mystical energy field controls our destiny.”

    It shouts “I love Star Wars (and other geeky stuff) and I don’t hate god because how can you hate something that doesn’t exist?”

    As black as our nonexistent souls!

    The order window will be open for 21 days.  That means you have until April 20th to make the most important decision you will make all year!

    Don’t wait until the last minute!  Order yours now!

  • Episode 194 – Prog Rock

    prlogosquare9This week, we have our second Vermin Kickstarter supporter – Mark Monforti!  Mark tells us a little bit about how a Catholic teacher turned him into an atheist and then we talk about Progressive (Prog) Rock!  Molly totally nerds out on this topic.  Nick and Tim do their best to keep up.

    Note: this episode was recorded remotely.  That means there is are a few weird pauses and instances where we talk over each other.  In a few spots, one of the speakers was silenced so the conversation flowed better.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Upcoming live shows!

    GWGIf you are a fan of our live shows, we have three of them coming up in April!

    The first two will be at Die Laughing, a 50 hour comedy marathon produced by Fearless Comedy.  It is their annual fundraiser and as partners, we are happy to help them raise money for their production budget again this year.

    Both of our live podcasts will be on Saturday, April 9th.  The first will be at 4:00 PM and will feature Melissa Kaercher (recently heard on episode 185 – GMOs) and her new husband Fes Works.  By new, we mean that at 3:30, they will be married live on stage as part of the comedy marathon in an improvised wedding ceremony!

    Ariel Leaf

    The second podcast will be at 9:00 PM on the 9th and will feature Twin Cities actor, designer, writer, and director Ariel Leaf!

    Both episodes will be recorded live and you can stream them at the Die Laughing web site.

    In addition to recording the episodes, we are doing a Die Laughing fundraiser challenge! If we can raise $1000 for Fearless Comedy, the three of us will go on a “Real” Ghost Hunting tour!  Previously, we’ve had to go to a ceremony at Grace Church in Eden Prairie and had our personalities tested at a Scientology center.

    You can donate at any time (a donation button is on the Die Laughing website right now).  Just make sure you mention that this is a donation for the Geeks Without God challenge in the notes field.

    Jeremy Messersmith
    Jeremy Messersmith
    Barb Abney

    Finally, we are recording our 200th episode LIVE at the Bryant Lake Bowl on April 16th at 10:00 PM.  Our guests are radio personality Barb Abney and musician Jeremy Messersmith.  We’ll also have a bunch of other special guests and cool announcements!  You can buy tickets online through the Bryant Lake Bowl website or reserve them by calling 612-825-8949.

  • Episode 194 – International Women’s Day Boners

    IMG_6337This week we have some more geeky boners to share!  Our recording took place on International Women’s Day so we try to come up with a lady parts equivalent to “geeky boner” and that takes a surprisingly long amount of time.  We also talk about Zootopia, Crazy Ex Girlfriend and some productivity and exercise apps the three of us are currently using.  And Tim takes off his wedding ring!  Scandal!!!!

    Take a look at the characters from Zootopia and from Robin Hood.  Coincidence????



  • Episode 193 – Caucusing

    rev_CAUCUSThis week we talk about our experiences at the Minnesota Presidential caucuses!  It was a chaotic mess but we took part in the Democratic process.  Tim stayed through the whole thing so he can talk a little more about how caucuses differ from primaries.  We also talk a little bit more about our political opinions and the ramifications of the recent death of Antonin Scalia.  Because we are twelve, we also make way too many obvious dick jokes.


  • Episode 192 – Growing up Secular

    warholbarbie2This week marks an exciting new era for Geeks Without God – we have our first remote guest! Felicity Kusinitz joins us all the way from Massachusetts via Skype and talks with us about growing up in a predominantly secular household and how that impacted her early encounters with religion.  She also gets to answer our five questions and there is a brief conversation about McRibs.  Because these things happen on our podcast for reasons best left unexplored.

    Note: There might be a few more long pauses in the podcast due to the delay using Skype to record.  Also, there are a couple times where we all start talking over one another because we didn’t realize someone else was still talking.  Overall, though, this is pretty exiting!  Our Australian listeners might be able to guest one day!

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 191 – Deadpool

    38876_104This week, we once again take a deep dive into spoiler territory with Deadpool! We cover all the facets of the movie we really enjoyed and make a lot of dirty jokes.  Because when you are talking about Deadpool, you really need to make a few dirty jokes.  ALSO, we announce some information about our upcoming 200th show!  You can come watch us record live onstage with a bunch of special guests.  We’ll probably break the fourth wall all over the place so it makes sense we’d use this episode to announce the big event.