• Episode 283 – Infinity Boners

    135325-7171-infinity-gauntletIt is time again for a geeky boner episode! We convene to talk about whatever nerdy stuff has us engorged and we have some really good ones this week! Tim encourages you to go see a movie that everyone has been saying is really good but maybe you haven’t listened to them yet! Molly is super excited about a new TV series! And Nick is completely obsessed with a movie trailer! Perhaps you can guess which one! Also we have answers to five questions!

  • Episode 282 – Omegacon Gaming Roundup 2017

    Nmbr9-1This episode was recorded live at Omegacon Fall 2017 with our friend and gaming geek Brianne Bilyeu! We talk over some of the new games we played over the weekend (there weren’t as many as we’d hoped there would be). We all came away big fans of Nmbr9 so that’s probably one you should check out! Brianne, having just answered our five questions, proceeds to ask five questions of us!

  • Patreon Exclusive Episode

    Hey loyal listeners!

    When we reached the first level of our Patreon campaign ($50), we promised two exclusive episodes every year just for Patreon supporters!

    We’ve been trying to set up a ghost hunting tour for the better part of the last year and when you combine our tricky schedules with the fact the ghost hunting tour available locally does a really shitty job of having tours available, we haven’t been able to make that happen yet.

    So since we owed our supporters a special episode, we spent your money to visit psychics! Tim went to see a Tarot reader and Nick and Molly both did a phone reading from the same local psychic!

    What happened? The only way to know is to listen to the episode! And the only way to listen to the episode is to be a Patreon supporter!

    Here’s a link to the episode! We are only $7 in support away from our next goal, which will allow us to purchase a whole lot of additional equipment we can use to improve the audio quality of our podcast even more than we have over the last year!  Stuff like headphones to make remote recording easier! And another couple of solo microphones so we don’t have to share mics when we have a guest!

    Whether you support us or not, thanks for listening!

  • Updated Salvation Army Slips!

    We’ve updated our popular Salvation Army protest slips this year! Not only is the language more inclusive, but we put a reminder to put your money where your well-meaning snark is, and have suggested several great charities that could use your love this holiday season (and year-round). Here are the PDF version as well as a JPG so you can see it easily in this post.

    Happy holidays! Merry Crimbo! Peace on Earth and goodwill toward all sentient beings.
    xoxo Molly, Tim, and Nick

    GWG Salvation Army Slips PDF for printing

    The JPG version (the PDF link above is better for printing)
    The JPG version (the PDF link above is better for printing)

  • Episode 281 – Redemption: The Collectible Card Game

    s-l225This week, we are joined by returning guest Brianne Bilyeu. We are all at OmegaCon and friend of the show Ellie Younger has gifted us the collectible card game Redemption!  The basic idea is to use your army of god to rescue lost souls while also using your forces of evil to stop your opponent from doing the same thing. We play test it for your enjoyment but not really for ours. What is it about Christian game designers and their inability to make games worth playing?

    Below the fold, you will find several pictures of the strangely erotic cards.

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  • Episode 280 – Thor: Ragnarok

    image_366f6c25This week, we take a look at the most recent installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  Thor: Ragnarok may not propel the overall storyline of the Marvel films forward but, for the most part, all three of us had a lot of fun with it.  We have a good conversation about what we liked and didn’t like about the movie and we also spoil the shit out of it so you should stay away if that’s something you don’t like.  Otherwise, listen and enjoy!

  • Episode 279 – #MeToo

    metooContent warning: We are talking about sexual assault and sexual harassment in this episode.  With the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Harry Knowles and others, we take a look at the culture of harassment specifically directed at women. For those who think that this is being blown out of proportion, you’re wrong. Also, you probably shouldn’t listen if you’d like your careful preserved misconceptions to remain unchanged.  This episode isn’t quite as joke filled as some others.

    Also note – here is a link to the #ThatsHarassment videos we talked about.

  • Episode 278 – Blade Runner 2049

    new-international-trailer-blade-runner-2049This week, we take a look at Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to Blade Runner. The film hasn’t killed it at the box office but for fans of the original, it is a very solid follow up.  We should warn everyone right up front that we are going to spoil the shit out of the movie. Like we talk about the ending.  So if you want to watch the movie spoiler free, this ain’t the podcast for you. Everyone else, stick around!

  • Episode 277 – What Scares Us

    donghai-bridgeThis year, our podcast actually comes out on Halloween! In honor of the greatest of all holidays, we spend the podcast talking about all the stuff that scares us. This proves to be something of a challenge for Nick because he’s not really scared of anything. Except he is and we managed to squeeze it out of him.  Tim and Molly are more worried about sharing their fears because someone might use the knowledge for dark and evil purposes. So don’t do that, OK? It would be a dick move.

  • Episode 276 – Joshua Humphrey is the Law

    ufynR8cD9EPk2CYbDEMDSF-480-80It has been quite some time since we have been joined by Joshua Humphrey on our podcast. In that time, he has attended and graduated law school. So we sat him down to talk about law school in these interesting times. He hasn’t passed the bar yet so we can’t call him our resident lawyer. But when he does pass the bar, we are definitely going to start doing so.  Joshua also gets to answer our newest set of five questions!