• Episode 177 – Disney Boners

    gxlkql4bnan134sgmkb3This episode title is sure to get us in trouble with some lawyers.  As is the implication that we’d get a boner from Mikey Mouse.  But really, we are just geeking out about all the cool nerdy stuff in our lives.  At the moment this episode goes up, Tim is on the ocean cruising with Mikey and his pals.  Nick is probably still playing Fallout 4.  Molly is still playing Animal Crossing.  Since those are our geeky boners for the week, it makes perfect sense!

  • Episode 176 – New Tabletop Games

    033850_42813We spent the weekend at Omegacon playing a bunch of tabletop games!  If you don’t live in Minnesota, you probably don’t care about Omegacon, but you’ll probably care about the games we played.  We are joined by our friend Eric Knight and we discuss some new, hot games like Codenames, Spyfall, and Mysterium. If you are into tabletop gaming, you might be interested in which games were super hot at a convention filled with people who love tabletop gaming.  We also ask Eric our five questions and briefly touch on the terror attacks that took place this weekend.  Mostly, though, we talk about GAMES!

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  • Episode 175 – Separating the Art from the Artist

    jello-pudding-pops-bill-cosbyWow – we’ve reached 175 episodes and we didn’t even notice!  Does that make you concerned about our integrity?  Maybe you think it is so awful, you aren’t sure if you can listen to our podcast any longer.  Before you make that decision, you should listen to our conversation about dealing with the enjoyment of an artists’s work even when you know that artist to be flawed.  Can you still watch “The Cosby Show” knowing what you know about Bill Cosby?  What about Woody Allen movies?  How easy or difficult is it to appreciate the art when you know something terrible about the artist?

  • Episode 174 – Sex Positivity

    lets_talk_about_sex1This week, we are joined by our friend Geoffrey Brown to talk about sex.  Specifically, we are talking about sex positivity and how so much of American culture (and other global cultures) seem to be built around the idea that sexuality is something shameful.  Geoffrey describes him as an “agnostic in all things” and we discuss his experiences as a bisexual.  We also discuss a lot of ways our society is sexually repressed and our own experiences talking to our parents about sex.

  • Episode 173 – Sense8

    6SQ0c119_400x400It’s time for another episode where the three of us talk about a geeky TV show we enjoy!  If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Netflix original series “Sense8″ and you care about spoilers, you may want to wait before you listen to this episode.  We don’t spoil it too much because Tim hadn’t finished watching the series when we recorded this show.  He’s seen all of it now so you can post ALL THE SPOILERS in the comments if you want.  We also start reading listener answers to our new five questions!

  • Episode 172 – Don’t Say Mulatto

    111017060721-giant-panda-bamboo-story-topThis week, we are joined by our friend Duck Washington.  Duck is a playwright and actor and he joins us to talk about his experiences with religion in a mixed race family.  We talk a little bit about religion but also about the play he has written about growing up mixed race. If you are in the Twin Cities, you should check out “Caucasian Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales.”  If you aren’t, listen to the podcast and feel bad about what you are missing?

  • Episode 171 – Five Answer Boners

    Big Spooky Promo ImageWe’ve had a lot of guests joining us over the last several weeks but it’s time for an episode with just the three of us.  We have three very quick geeky boners to cover before we move on to the important task of answering our new five questions.  The boners have a lot to do with theatrical stuff coming up (go see Big Spooky Radio Spookytime at the Twin Cities Horror Festival) but also video games.  All three of us power through the five answers and that means the next time we have a host only episode, we’ll start reading off your answers!  So send them in!

  • Episode 170 – Trigger Warnings

    triggerwarningThis week, we are joined by our friend Carr Hagerman for a conversation about trigger warnings.  Is the push to be more aware of triggers having unintended side effects?  Could it limit expression to an unacceptable degree?  On the other hand, does it help provide some level of safety to individuals who might otherwise find themselves subjected to disturbing images and ideas?  The topic is challenging and charged and we discuss some of our own experiences around the issue.  Then Carr gets a crack at our new five questions!

  • Episode 169 – Pope Francis

    130919_FG_PopeFrancisLiberal.jpg.CROP.article568-largeThe Pope was in the US last week and we got together with our friend Byron Miller to talk about the religious leader even atheists seem to love.  Francis may not be a bad guy but is he as liberal as he seems?  In our conversation about the pope, we talk about visits both Byron and Tim took to the Vatican and the amount of control the Pope has over the decisions of the Catholic Church.  Byron also gets a chance to answer our new five questions!

  • Episode 168 – God’s Not Dead

    godsnotdeadLast year at this time, we sat down with Ronn Bauman and Tony Miller to record an episode about Dark Dungeons. We had a lot of fun so this year, we brought them back to watch God’s Not Dead, a fundamentalist Christian film that Tim calls fundie porn.  What we had hoped would be good for a few laughs was, instead, a plodding, dull, and predictable film in which everyone who isn’t the right kind of Christian is a horrible person in need of redemption.  It includes a straw-man atheist character played by Kevin Sorbo and a whole lot of bad apologetics.  The podcast is, we hope, entertaining.  Skip the movie.