• There Might Be Pain

    We here at Geeks Without God have been partners with Fearless Comedy since their coming out party last January.

    In April, Fearless is going to do something truly crazy – a 50 hour comedy marathon!  From April 4th – 6th, they will make comedy happen non-stop.  And we’ll be there to help.

    We’ll be doing two live podcasts during the weekend.  The first will be on Friday, April 4th from 11:00Pm – Midnight.  Our scheduled guest is comedian Patrick Bauer.

    The second podcast will be from 1:00AM – 2:00 AM on Sunday, April 6th.  Our scheduled guest is comedian Elizabeth Ess.

    We hope you will join us for these events live or streaming on the web at the Die Laughing home page.  We also hope you will donate to Fearless Comedy.

    To that end, we have created a challenge for ourselves.  Our goal is to make $666 during our two live appearances.  If we do, we’ll do something horrible.  We even made a video about it.  Check this out!

    We can’t get the thing to embed so…shit.  The video is really funny but here’s the practical details:

    If we raise $333 over our two shows, Nick and Tim will shave their heads.  That weekend.  You’ll be able to see them being bald for the rest of the show.

    If we raise $666 over the weekend, we will go to Sunday services at Grace Megachurch in Eden Prairie and then record a podcast about our experience.  We will not attend the services as angry atheists.  We won’t wear buttons or T-shirts.  We will respectfully attend the service.

    Here is your chance to make Geeks Without God go to church!  Please join us in April and be prepared to give generously.

  • Episode 87 – A Community of Marvelous Fabled Boners

    It’s geeky boner time on Geeks Without God!  Once again we explore the nerdy stuff that has us all excited.  Tim talks about a TV series that people have been trying to get him watch for the last four years.  Molly is very excited to spend a lot of personal time with her gaming system.  Nick is hot and bothered about Marvel casting news.  All three of us geek out hard and then we read a listener’s answers to our five questions.


  • Episode 86 – Mixed Marriages

    This week our friend Windy Bowlsby joins us to talk about being in a mixed theist-atheist marriage.  To be honest, it seems like it is working out just fine so we spent a lot of time climbing into the min-van to tangentville where we discussed things like the term “accepted fan moniker” and sex education in the Unitarian church.  Then Windy got a crack at our five questions and Tim shared his unpopular opinion about Bleu cheese.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 85 – Sherlock

    This week we turn our geek meters to eleven and geek out hard on season 3 of “Sherlock.”  All three episodes have aired in the US and that means SPOILERS.  A whole fat ton of spoilers.  If there is anything you don’t want to know about the season, we are going to spoil it.  Guaranteed.  If you are one those people who hates “Sherlock,” you are wrong.  Go listen to some atheist podcast about how much “Sherlock” sucks because this isn’t that podcast.  Also, In case we weren’t clear before, this episode is full of spoilers.

  • Episode 84 – Creationism vs. Evolution

    We recorded this episode while Bill Nye was debating Creationism with Ken Ham.  We know a lot of our listeners were watching the debate last week but we decided instead to talk about our feelings about creationism and why we didn’t think the debate was a great idea.  Response since we recorded the episode has been mostly positive but even if Nye “won” the debate, did he do more to advance his own cause or Ken Ham’s?

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 83 – Life of Pi

    This week, we decided to do an in-depth movie episode.  It’s been a while since we dug in and looked at a film’s religious themes.  Too bad Molly and Nick hated this one so much!  Life of Pi begins by telling you that it is going to tell you a story that will make you believe in god.  Challenge accepted!  Like the movie or hate it, we all agree that tigers are awesome.

  • Listen to our Appearance on Atheists Talk!

    A couple of weeks ago, we were guests on the Atheists Talk Radio Program.  Our house was friend of the show Brienne Bilyeu.  We talked about the genesis of the podcast, some of our favorite episodes and all sorts of other fun stuff.  Want an mp3 of the show?  Done!

    If the player below doesn’t work for you, you can always find the episode on the Minnesota Atheists web site!




  • Episode 82 – The Arrogance of Atheists

    1510774_10202100240040276_281772362_nThis week we are joined by our friend Mark Lazarchic to talk about why he does not admit he is an atheist.  His reasons are not new or unique, which is not to say they lack justification.  We talk with him about the perceived and actual behavior of the atheists he knows as well as his own reluctance to identify with his beliefs.  We talk over each other a lot. Somewhere in there, we talk about other stuff like improvisational comedy, health care, Libertarianism, and the fact Mark is a big fat hypocrite.  Mark also answers our five questions.

    Pictured above: Mark demanded sparkling water and Cheetos waiting for him.  And we provided them.  Future guests shouldn’t expect the same treatment.

    Show notes below the fold

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  • Episode 81 – Lord of the Boners

    This week’s episode is filled to the brim with our latest geeky boners.  Molly is totally addicted to a new podcast (that isn’t ours).  Nick tells a very convoluted story that leads to one of the strangest boners we’ve ever shared with anyone.  Tim gets all excited about a bunch of movies he’s watched many times before.  We also read a listener’s five answers from Germany!

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • A Message about our Camp Quest Fundraiser

    Hey podcast fans!  Here’s a guest post about our Camp Quest fundraiser!

    Hey, everyone! This is Norm Barrett Wiik from Camp Quest of Minnesota, friend of the show and guest on episode 22. Last holiday season Geeks Without God listeners banded together to raise $500 for CQ MN, which was enough to sponsor one child for a full week of camp! This summer we expanded from one to two week-long camp sessions, enabling us to serve a record number of campers, something which never could have happened without the strong support we receive from the atheist/godless/secular/what-have-you community. Support which needs to be sustained in order for us to continue providing a safe place for young freethinkers to explore their interests and learn the skills they need to become rational, ethical, and creative adults. This is why I am so pleased to announce that we are doing this again!

    Since there are so many more of you listening now than at this time last year, it only makes sense to set the bar for this year’s fundraiser a little higher, so we are counting on your generosity to help meet our stretch goal of $750. The CQ MN board keep’s the registration fee below the actual cost for a kid to be at camp so that it remains affordable for families, and we rely on donors like you to make up the difference. We also offer financial aid to campers whose families need a little more help, and in the ten years we have been in existence we have never had to turn a camper away because of inability to pay. Oh, and did you know that a local news website also named us one of the top 5 sleepaway camps in Minnesota?

    So go on and click that link at the top of the page. Help shatter the stereotype that atheists are stingy, and help send kids to camp! Besides, its not like you dropped that extra cash in a red kettle, did you?

    From all of us at Camp Quest of Minnesota, thank you!