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  • Geeks Without God Clothing!

    In preparation for our 200th episode, we are going to be offering Geeks Without God shirts and hoodies!

    OMG! That T-shirt is adorable!

    We know you’ve been praying for an opportunity to show your love for our podcast by wearing our logo around the workplace, at a convention, or even in Sunday school!  Now is your chance to tell the world “I buy things off of the internet” with pride!

    We have regular and premium blend unisex T-shirts, women’s T-shirts and, of course, hoodies.  The front has our logo and the back says “No mystical energy field controls our destiny.”

    It shouts “I love Star Wars (and other geeky stuff) and I don’t hate god because how can you hate something that doesn’t exist?”

    As black as our nonexistent souls!

    The order window will be open for 21 days.  That means you have until April 20th to make the most important decision you will make all year!

    Don’t wait until the last minute!  Order yours now!

  • Reigion is such a Becky

    Hey, for all you cool kids who have listened to Episode 60, friend of the show (and former guest) Brianne Bilyeu has produced fan art!  We loves us the fan art.  It makes us feel special!

    Check it out and, if you are so inclined, share this puppy around.  Then, when people don’t get it, make them listen to our podcast!  It’s subversive!


  • Our Guests Love Us!

    Hey, we’ve linked to Brianne Bilyeau’s blog over at FreethoughtBlogs a few times this week.  She was a guest on our podcast and everything so it seems somewhat appropriate.

    So please don’t hate us if we do it again because she totally blogged about us!

    We’re podcasters and comedians so that means we are total attention whores.  Thanks for feeding our addiction, Brianne!


  • Check out the Sweet Podcasting Swag!

    On our Camp Quest episode, Norm Barrett Wiik promised us Camp Quest T-shirts because of our seasonal fundraising campaign.  This marked the first time we’ve been given swag on our podcast!  We’d like to inform all future guests that the bar has been raised.

    The 2012 Camp Quest shirts are some sweet looking shirts and we look awesome in them.  Before you look at the picture, though, take a look at our Camp Quest Fundraiser.

    As of this posting, we’ve been stuck at $310 for about a week.  Our goal is only $500!  We know that you’ve already picked up your Christmas presents so now is the time to toss $10 at a good cause.  That’s the minimum donation, by the way. Ten measly dollars.

    Think of all the free entertainment we’ve provided you!   That has to be worth giving $10 so an underpriveledged kid can go to camp, doesn’t it?

    S’mores are a right of passage!  Right?

    OK, enough begging for money.  Check out your pretty pretty hosts in their pretty pretty T-shirts!

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  • New Web Love!

    We just love it when someone just decides to make a new Icon for us.  This time, Tim’s friend Ickle_Tayto (Fionnuala Murphy) was goaded into drawing something for us.  Huzzah for the magic of Twitter!  Check it!

    Isn’t it cute?  It’s god!  And he’s got dice!  But there is a circle with a line through it so he’s not playing dice with the universe!

    At least that is how we interpreted it (and by “we” we mean “Tim”).   Doesn’t matter how you interpret it, though.  It’s still cute.

    Oh, hey, Fionnuala (she’s totally Irish) has a blog and does pocasting and stuff.  Go read!

  • More Web Love!

    Jason Thibeault, one of our guests on episode 6, wrote a very nice entry about our podcast on his blog.  After we read how awesome we were, we immediately took back everything we ever said about ourselves.

    Thanks Jason!

    Update: Stephanie Zvan also wrote about her experience on our podcast!  She called us bastards a lot which, we admit, sounds a lot more like us.  Thanks Stephanie!

  • Updated Logo Designs

    Hey guys, remember when Sara Schultz send us some logos last week just because she wanted to?  And then we asked for your opinions and some of you gave them to us?  She totally read those comments and made some adjustments to the design!

    So take a look at the new ideas.  Which one do you like best?

    Compare these with the original set of favorites.  What do you guys think?


  • Sharing the Love

    Well, it’s been a fun first week here at Geeks Without God.  We’re very pleased at the number of people who have given our little project a try and we hope you come back and tell your friends about us.  We want to give a shout out to some folks who mentioned us this week.

    While you all probably know who PZ Myers is, we’d like to thank him for mentioning us in his Blog about CONvergence. It was most unexpected and it made Tim get off his ass and post the podcast a few days earlier than originally planned.

    Melissa Kaercher, our first guest, has a nice write up on CONvergence that mentions us.  She also gave us our own blog entry!  Sweet!

    And our friends over at the Appropros of Nothing Podcast gave us a shout out so we are shouting back.  Thanks guys!