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  • Episode 271 – Blind Spots

    AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbnAAAAJDBiZTVjYTFjLTVhYzQtNDBmNi04ZjBmLTQzNTU2MmVjNjY5MAWe are joined by regular guest Ronn Bauman inside the beautiful trailer studios to talk about Blind Spots.  What are things that we all simply refuse to see an understand about ourselves and the world around us.  In a political climate that seems designed to create blind spots, how do we become aware of them enough to avoid them? Ronn also gets a crack at our newest set of five questions!

  • SkepTech is Coming!

    897226_10152718097740545_281864495_oNot sure if you remember, but we were guests at SkepTech last year.  We got to record three podcasts at the event including a great panel discussion, an episode with Greta Christina and another with Zach Weinersmith.

    Well SkepTech is taking place this weekend and while we won’t be appearing this year due, in large part, to some big event over at the Airport Hilton, we definitely want to do all we can to support the event!

    Registration is free (there is a suggested donation of $10 if you can afford it) and passes are available at the door.  Guests include Rebecca Watson, Heina Dadabhoy, Hemant Mehta and lots more!

    They have recorded a little audio promo if you’d like to know more!  Listen up!


  • Mission: Accomplished! Funds: Raised!

    We hit our goal of $500 raised for Camp Quest Minnesota! Thank you so much to all our donors who made this possible. Because of your generosity, this wonderfully secular, critical-thinking-and-science-focused summer camp will be even better this year. Thanks again to Norman Barrett-Wiik, our esteemed guest from a few weeks back. And again, thank you to each and every one of you.

    Don’t stop now! Let’s see how much more we can raise before the deadline of January 1st. If you haven’t yet donated, please consider tossing even $10 toward this great cause. Just click the button on the upper left corner of our site to donate.

  • What the heck is Geeks Without God?

    Geeks without God is a new podcast hosted by Molly Glover, Nick Glover, and Tim Wick.  We are geeks, atheists, and comedians. Our goal is to do a podcast that combines the three things we are passionate about.

    Each podcast will focus on a hot topic in the atheist community as well as whatever geeky stuff has captured our nerdy hearts that week.  If we’re lucky, it’ll be something that does both.

    Our first podcast will be recorded live at CONvergence 2012 on Saturday the 7th at 9:30 in the morning in Atrium 3.  We’ll talk about the religious themes in Prometheus with guest Melissa Kaercher.

    And because CONvergence 2012 is also SkepchickCon, we are hoping we can coax one of the Skepchicks or FreeThought bloggers to join us so we can all talk about skeptical geekery.  Or something.

    There will also be jokes! And free stickers!