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  • Episode 94 – Cosmos

    This week, we talk about the Cosmos, old and new.  Tim remembers watching the original “Cosmos” with his dad back in the 80′s and remembers Carl Sagan’s simple question of “why not save a step” as one of the many influences on his road to atheism.  We talk mostly about the new series starring Neil Degrasse Tyson.  We discuss our favorite parts of the series and how happy we are that Tyson continually makes subtle digs at religion and superstition.

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  • Episode 93 – Lady Parts and Gay Issues

    This week’s episode was recorded live at Die Laughing.  It features comedian Elizabeth Ess talking about the Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby.  They sell yarn, in case you didn’t know.  They also really don’t want to be “forced” to provide certain kinds of contraception to their employees.  While we were talking to Elizaabeth about serious legal issues, we were also trying to raise money for Fearless Comedy.  You can hear how we did on those challenges, if you didn’t already know.

    There is some editing of the podcast during times when we were having really exciting conversations with people in the back of the room.

  • Episode 92 – Motherf**king Tarantino

    This week’s episode was recorded live at Die Laughing just a few short days ago.  We invited comedian Patrick Ryan Bauer on stage with us to talk about the films of Quentin Tarantino.  We didn’t just talk about Tarantino films, of course, because that would have involved the ability to stay on topic that none of the four of us possessed.  Not only did we have a great time talking with Patrick, we apparently offended someone so much, they asked for their money back with a statement somewhat akin to “I won’t stand for that sort of thing.”  That might not have been our fault.  But we choose to believe it was because we feel that would be kind of awesome.

    Note: This episode was recorded live so the sound quality might be different than you expect.  Change is good.


  • Episode 91 – All About Puppets

    Geeks With Green LanternsThis week’s guest is puppeteer Gordon Smuder!  He is probably best known for producing Transylvania Television, but he has worked with puppets for a large part of his adult life.  We talk with Gordon about his work in the field along with a few projects he has coming up, including one that has Tim as a writer!  He also is the second guest ever to give us swag – Green Lantern finger puppets!  All the other podcasters are jealous.

    Remember, we have two live podcasts at Die Laughing this weekend!  Join us and help raise money for Fearless.  If we raise enough money, you can send us to church!

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  • Episode 90 – The Return of Arrogant Atheists

    This week, we double back to the topic we spent some time on in Episode 82.  Are atheists more arrogant that theists or agnostics or any other subset of people who choose to speak their mind?  Is using your religion as a political tool and less arrogant?  Is the simple belief that you are right about something an arrogant belief?  As you might expect, we have answers for all of these as well as five answers from another listener!

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  • Episode 89 – A Career in Comics

    This week’s guest is Christopher Jones, comic book artist.  Chris has worked with both DC and Marvel and most recently finished working on the Young Justice book.  He is also a co-founder of CONvergence and the creator of the convention’s mascot, Connie.  We talked with Chris about getting his start as an artist, the committed Young Justice fan base and an exciting new project he is working on.  Of course, he also had the chance to answer our five questions.

    Note: Chris said that he may have the website for Parallel Man available by the time this episode went live but it has been pushed back a couple of months.  As soon as we have the information to share, we’ll make sure we put up a link!

  • Episode 88 – Sportsball!

    This week, we take a look at sports and geek culture.  While there are plenty of exceptions, a lot of geeks just aren’t all that interested in sports.  Can those geeks be dismissive of their friends who do have an interest in sports?  Tim calls himself a “closeted sports geek” because he enjoys sports but hangs around with a lot of people who don’t.  So the question is, does he feel oppressed in geek circles because he can’t talk about something he enjoys?  Philosophical conversation abounds and then we read five answers off of some sort of futuristic communication device called “paper.”

    Also, you can learn about our Fearless fundraising challenge by watching this video.  Help us raise money for Fearless Comedy by sending us to church!

  • Episode 87 – A Community of Marvelous Fabled Boners

    It’s geeky boner time on Geeks Without God!  Once again we explore the nerdy stuff that has us all excited.  Tim talks about a TV series that people have been trying to get him watch for the last four years.  Molly is very excited to spend a lot of personal time with her gaming system.  Nick is hot and bothered about Marvel casting news.  All three of us geek out hard and then we read a listener’s answers to our five questions.


  • Episode 86 – Mixed Marriages

    This week our friend Windy Bowlsby joins us to talk about being in a mixed theist-atheist marriage.  To be honest, it seems like it is working out just fine so we spent a lot of time climbing into the min-van to tangentville where we discussed things like the term “accepted fan moniker” and sex education in the Unitarian church.  Then Windy got a crack at our five questions and Tim shared his unpopular opinion about Bleu cheese.

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  • Episode 85 – Sherlock

    This week we turn our geek meters to eleven and geek out hard on season 3 of “Sherlock.”  All three episodes have aired in the US and that means SPOILERS.  A whole fat ton of spoilers.  If there is anything you don’t want to know about the season, we are going to spoil it.  Guaranteed.  If you are one those people who hates “Sherlock,” you are wrong.  Go listen to some atheist podcast about how much “Sherlock” sucks because this isn’t that podcast.  Also, In case we weren’t clear before, this episode is full of spoilers.