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  • Episode 119 – Geeky Media Round Up

    edge-of-tomorrow-7This week, we gathered in the basement studio to talk about geeky media we plan to consume over the next month or so.  There are video releases, movies, tabletop and video games, television shows, and even one book!  We may not have managed to touch on everything but we get pretty solid coverage on most topics.  If we missed something, we hope you will enlighten us in the comments!

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  • Episode 111 – Guardians of the Galaxy

    landscape_xlargeThis week we unleash our geek love for Guardians of the Galaxy, which is still in theaters waging battle with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And by “waging battle,” we mean “kicking the butt of.”   We talk a bit about the source material and about what we all think work about the movie.  Then we get into the larger picture of Marvel movies.  Also, there are a lot of spoilers.  If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you may want to skip this episode and come back later.  At the end of the episode, we read off five answers from Australia!

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  • Episode 83 – Life of Pi

    This week, we decided to do an in-depth movie episode.  It’s been a while since we dug in and looked at a film’s religious themes.  Too bad Molly and Nick hated this one so much!  Life of Pi begins by telling you that it is going to tell you a story that will make you believe in god.  Challenge accepted!  Like the movie or hate it, we all agree that tigers are awesome.

  • Episode 57 – This is the End

    We haven’t done an in-depth movie episode for a while but all found we had strong feelings about This is the End so why not do a podcast about it?  If you missed the film in theatres, we should warn you that there are spoilers a-plenty in this episode.  From beginning to end. Spoilers spoilers spoilers.  There’s only one thing that we don’t spoil but by mentioning that we aren’t going to spoil it, we kind of spoil it.  Once we get done spoiling the film, we read five answers from our lisener Graham Leathers!


  • Episode 41 – Proofreading Boners

    It has been a while since the three of us have explored our geeky boners!  Molly gets excited about proofreading in ways that will make no sense to people who don’t care about grammar.  Nick runs through a large number of movies that he is looking forward to this year.  Tim talks about all the tabletop games he’s been playing lately, including games produced by Molly’s company and Lords of Waterdeep, which was mentioned by Brienne Bilyeu back in Episode 24.  Also, For the first time in a while, a listener (Josh Helton) gets a crack at our five questions.

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  • Episode 35 – Religulous

    Inspired by our talk about asshole atheists, we decided to watch Bill Maher’s film Religulous.  Maher himself is frequently referred to as an asshole atheist and he certainly does his best to rile up several believers throughout the movie.  We’d all seen the movie before but it elicited strong reactions and got us to think about what made us decide to be “out” as atheists.  Molly, especially, has a lot of thoughts on the film.  Like, three pages of thoughts.  Then we get five answers from the UK!

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  • Episode 29 – Left Behind

    This week, we delve headfirst into another in-depth movie episode.  Instead of a movie we like, though, this is the absolutely horrible fundamentalist Christian screed, Left Behind.  Molly and Nick gave the movie to Tim as a gag gift and so, to punish them, we all sat down together to watch the thing.  Friends, it is not a good movie.  When we say we suffered for you on this one, you can trust us – we suffered. This podcast is as close as you should ever get to the movie.  So please, enjoy!  (P.S: We also read Marc Baker’s answers to our five questions)

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  • Episode 26 – Twenty Thirteen

    Happy New Year!  Welcome to an exciting new year of Geeks Without God and – you know – other stuff.  This episode marks our six month aniverssary and we take some time to look back at 2012 and talk about some things we are looking forward to in 2013.  Molly celebrates the end of the “Year of Molly” by issuing an edict on how we are to refer to the upcoming year (hint: it is not “the Year of Nick”).  We hardly talk about atheism at all. Sorry about that.  We promise we’ll talk about the lack of god next time!

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  • God in the Movie Theatre

    Note: This article contains spoilers about Flight and Life of Pi

    Since I’ve become more open about my atheism, I’ve found my responses to theism in popular culture have changed.   I notice theism more and my response to it in a movie can run counter to my impressions of the movie itself.

    When it comes to a fictional universe, I accept that gods can exist.  The writer has created a universe in which gods are real and I have no difficulty accepting those gods within the context of the story.  Immersing yourself in fiction is the suspension of disbelief, after all.

    Even if a story is set in the “real” world, if the existence of god is an important part of the story, I can go with it.   I don’t immediately find myself pulling away from a story because of that element.

    I can’t deny, though, that I notice it.

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  • The Master

    The three of us went to see P.T. Anderson’s newest film, The Master, in hopes we could use it as the jumping off point for another in-depth movie episode.  We have an upcoming episode about The Contender and we’ve also talked about Inherit the Wind and Prometheus so we’ve been thinking about making in-depth movie episodes a regular thing.

    Unfortunately, none of us liked the movie.  While there is definitely an exploration of Scientology at the core of the film, it doesn’t feel as if Anderson’s critique is completely crystallized.  The film itself faces the same problem that the title character does – it feels like Anderson is making things up as he goes.

    Scientology itself, though, is a great source for a podcast and perhaps the film will still serve as a jumping off point for that conversation.  Or maybe we’ll decide to talk about something else.

    Whether or not we go ahead with our plans for podcasting about the film, we are always on the lookout for other films with an atheist or religious perspective as a source for a podcast.

    Now seems a good time to ask our listeners – what movies do you think would make good source material for a podcast?  Do you know of any movies coming to theatres that would be worth considering?

    On a related topic, recognizing not all of our listeners are local, would local folks like it if we arranged a meet-up the next time a good option gets a theatrical release?  We could even do something as crazy as try to organize a round table discussion of the movie after we watch it and we could edit that discussion into the podcast!

    That sounds like a lot of work, though.  Don’t get too excited by that idea.