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  • Episode 188 – All the Podcasting

    71d1aad089fa51b525316bb37dab8718This week, we are joined by guest Evan Pedersen of the Fancy Pants Gangsters podcasting network.  He has been podcasting for a long time and he talks with us about some of the shows he has produced.  After a little while, though, we just start talking about all sorts of different things but we’re gonna say this podcast is about podcasting.  But it’s about a lot more than that.  You should listen.

  • Episode 185 – GMOs

    635831413901537734-183607684_gmo-1This week, we welcome back our first ever guest, Melissa Kaercher!  Melissa gets together to talk with us about GMO crops, Monsanto, pesticides, and organic foods.  We navigate the tricky waters of not liking Monsanto while recognizing that we should hate them for stuff they actually DO rather than stuff we THINK they do.  It’s a lot to cram into a 30ish minute podcast but we do our best!

    Disclaimer: While Melissa works for General Mills, she is not appearing on the podcast as a representative of the company and her opinions are her own.  Please don’t sue us.

  • Episode 183 – Hard Wired

    This week, we hHardWiredave a talk with returning guest Bob Alberti about his new play, “Hard Wired.”  Co-written by Susanne Becker and produced by Fearless Comedy, the show opens on Thursday in the Twin Cities.  We talk with Bob about his inspiration for the show and the process of writing.  If you are a local listener, we encourage you to check this show out!

  • Episode 180 – Cult Living

    Waco_Branch_Davidians_FlagThis week, we sit down with our friend Kyle Dekker to discuss his experiences growing up in some creepy cult-like churches. Among other things, he was a Branch Davidian!  He even learned how to pretend to speak in tongues.  These days he’s managed to break free from that craziness and he makes internet videos like Super Academy.  We have a far reaching conversation with him and then give him a crack at our new five questions!


  • Episode 178 – Women in STEM Fields

    fNma9vYVWe were once again recording at Omegacon for this week’s episode!  Our guest was our friend Ellie Younger, who is an Engineer.  We talked with her about being a woman in a field traditionally dominated by men and we heard a few of many depressing stories about the obstacles in her path.  We also talked about the question of whether or not we are discouraging young women from studying the arts when we encourage them to study math and science.

  • Episode 176 – New Tabletop Games

    033850_42813We spent the weekend at Omegacon playing a bunch of tabletop games!  If you don’t live in Minnesota, you probably don’t care about Omegacon, but you’ll probably care about the games we played.  We are joined by our friend Eric Knight and we discuss some new, hot games like Codenames, Spyfall, and Mysterium. If you are into tabletop gaming, you might be interested in which games were super hot at a convention filled with people who love tabletop gaming.  We also ask Eric our five questions and briefly touch on the terror attacks that took place this weekend.  Mostly, though, we talk about GAMES!

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 174 – Sex Positivity

    lets_talk_about_sex1This week, we are joined by our friend Geoffrey Brown to talk about sex.  Specifically, we are talking about sex positivity and how so much of American culture (and other global cultures) seem to be built around the idea that sexuality is something shameful.  Geoffrey describes him as an “agnostic in all things” and we discuss his experiences as a bisexual.  We also discuss a lot of ways our society is sexually repressed and our own experiences talking to our parents about sex.

  • Episode 172 – Don’t Say Mulatto

    111017060721-giant-panda-bamboo-story-topThis week, we are joined by our friend Duck Washington.  Duck is a playwright and actor and he joins us to talk about his experiences with religion in a mixed race family.  We talk a little bit about religion but also about the play he has written about growing up mixed race. If you are in the Twin Cities, you should check out “Caucasian Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales.”  If you aren’t, listen to the podcast and feel bad about what you are missing?

  • Episode 170 – Trigger Warnings

    triggerwarningThis week, we are joined by our friend Carr Hagerman for a conversation about trigger warnings.  Is the push to be more aware of triggers having unintended side effects?  Could it limit expression to an unacceptable degree?  On the other hand, does it help provide some level of safety to individuals who might otherwise find themselves subjected to disturbing images and ideas?  The topic is challenging and charged and we discuss some of our own experiences around the issue.  Then Carr gets a crack at our new five questions!

  • Episode 169 – Pope Francis

    130919_FG_PopeFrancisLiberal.jpg.CROP.article568-largeThe Pope was in the US last week and we got together with our friend Byron Miller to talk about the religious leader even atheists seem to love.  Francis may not be a bad guy but is he as liberal as he seems?  In our conversation about the pope, we talk about visits both Byron and Tim took to the Vatican and the amount of control the Pope has over the decisions of the Catholic Church.  Byron also gets a chance to answer our new five questions!