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  • Geeks Without God Partnering with Fearless Comedy Productions

    You may have noticed a spiffy new button (showing a blindfolded dude) on our website.  If you click on it, you will be magically transported to the Fearless Comedy Production web site.

    Don’t click on it yet!  We aren’t finished here!

    …you clicked on it, didn’t you?

    The three of us are founding members of the company and our podcast is going to be a creative partner.

    What does that mean?  Right now, it doesn’t mean a whole lot except we are really excited to help launch this new company.  Later it will mean we might do some performing/podcasting with other Fearless partners, and we’ll probably be promoting some events on our website.

    This weekend, the website will go fully live and there will be all sorts of exciting stuff to see.  For now, we just wanted to let you know about the button.

    You can click the button now.

  • New Mobile Site!

    For those of you anxious to access Geeks Without God from your mobile device, Nick has been hard at work creating a mobile version and it is now live!

    If you would like to check out the mobile version, just use any mobile device (Android or iOS)!  Take a look at tell us what you think!