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  • All I Want For Christmas Is Entitlement

    You’ve probably seen this meme going around.

    Whoa, we got a badass over here!


    This is obnoxious. First of all, the surface problems with this are clear. It’s very entitled, and it’s a shining example of Christians not understanding that loss of privilege ≠ loss of rights. On its face, it seems accepting enough. After all, the author goes out of his way to let you know that you Jews and blacks are all right by him, so long as you don’t get offended by him wishing everyone a Merry Christmas because that’s what he celebrates. But I am willing to bet that, were this Christian to be wished “Happy Hanukkah” during Hanukkah, he would be annoyed and say, “I’m not Jewish!” Similar for a Blessed Kwanzaa. So right away, I’m wondering if the respect he demands for his Christmas celebration would be given in return to, say, everyone else.

    But let’s get to what really gets on *my nerves. I’m a huge word nerd. I also have a very strong opinion regarding words. THEY ARE JUST WORDS. They only have the power you give them. If you are so bothered by someone saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas,” you really need to grow the fuck up. There’s no difference. None. Think of it this way: if I said “Happy Holidays” to you in a language you didn’t understand, and you asked me what I said, and I told you it means “Merry Christmas,” you wouldn’t know the difference. Because it’s the thought, the feeling, the intention that matters.

    Words are the tools we use to communicate with those around us. Someone who says “Happy Holidays” to you is just conveying “I wish you well during this season of celebration” in their own way. And despite what the crazy Christians would have you believe, no one is legally forcing companies and businesses and television stations to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” They’re choosing to do it. Because they want to include everyone and to make everyone feel warm and happy and festive. It’s not about taking away your Christmas. It’s about letting everyone else in to celebrate together.

    Go ahead and call it a Christmas tree. Guess what, asshole? I’m an atheist, and I call it a Christmas tree, too. Posting this doesn’t mean you’re taking some moral stand. You’re not the Rosa Parks of Christmas. You’re just an insecure bully trying to make everyone do things your way.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Gay Marriage and You – Why We Are Asking You To Support Marriage Equality

    Our stance on gay marriage has been well documented in several podcasts (most recently episode 16).  In our opinion, the argument is over.  Gay marriage will be legal in the United States someday.  The question before us is when?  How long will we continue to have this fight?  At what point will the public stand up and say “enough! This is over!”

    Our hope is that it will be this year.  Four states have marriage equality initiatives on the ballot this year.

    The states of Maryland and Washington have initiatives seeking to overturn laws that already make gay marriage legal in their state.

    In Maine there is an initiative to legalize gay marriage.

    In Minnesota, there is an initiative to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, doubling up on a discriminatory law that already exists.

    As atheists, the issue is obvious.  Do we have the right to continue to discriminate against our fellow human beings on the basis of their sexual preference?  The answer is so clearly no, we don’t understand why any other argument would be considered.

    It isn’t that simple, though.  So in the final day before we all have the chance to stem the tide of marriage discrimination in America, we’d like to look at the illogical arguments that seek to support institutional discrimination.

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