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  • A Thank You From Camp Quest

    Hey awesome Geeks Without God listeners!  Our friend Norman Barrett-Wiik, treasurer for Camp Quest Minnesota and friend of the show from Episode 22, has recorded a thank you message for everyone who helped make our 2014 fundraiser such a big success!  We really appreciate all of your contributions and so will the two kids sponsored by your generosity this summer.

    Listen to Norm tell you how great all of you are!  You are all good without god!

  • Camp Quest Fundraiser: Huge Success!

    Thanks so much for your help in making this a success. With you, we were able to more than DOUBLE our goal, raising enough to sponsor two kids to Camp Quest Minnesota.

    You’re all amazing; we couldn’t have done it without you.

    Hopefully we’ll see some of you at the Die Laughing marathon, be sure to introduce yourself to us if you attend so we can thank you in-person!

  • A Message about our Camp Quest Fundraiser

    Hey podcast fans!  Here’s a guest post about our Camp Quest fundraiser!

    Hey, everyone! This is Norm Barrett Wiik from Camp Quest of Minnesota, friend of the show and guest on episode 22. Last holiday season Geeks Without God listeners banded together to raise $500 for CQ MN, which was enough to sponsor one child for a full week of camp! This summer we expanded from one to two week-long camp sessions, enabling us to serve a record number of campers, something which never could have happened without the strong support we receive from the atheist/godless/secular/what-have-you community. Support which needs to be sustained in order for us to continue providing a safe place for young freethinkers to explore their interests and learn the skills they need to become rational, ethical, and creative adults. This is why I am so pleased to announce that we are doing this again!

    Since there are so many more of you listening now than at this time last year, it only makes sense to set the bar for this year’s fundraiser a little higher, so we are counting on your generosity to help meet our stretch goal of $750. The CQ MN board keep’s the registration fee below the actual cost for a kid to be at camp so that it remains affordable for families, and we rely on donors like you to make up the difference. We also offer financial aid to campers whose families need a little more help, and in the ten years we have been in existence we have never had to turn a camper away because of inability to pay. Oh, and did you know that a local news website also named us one of the top 5 sleepaway camps in Minnesota?

    So go on and click that link at the top of the page. Help shatter the stereotype that atheists are stingy, and help send kids to camp! Besides, its not like you dropped that extra cash in a red kettle, did you?

    From all of us at Camp Quest of Minnesota, thank you!