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  • Episode 205 – The Way of the Heathen

    Greta-christinaThis week, we are joined by Greta Christina, writer, blogger, and founder of The Orbit. Greta joined us to talk about her new book “The Way of the Heathen.”  The book was released on June 1st and it looks at how atheists live their lives without god.  Greta joined us remotely and things went pretty well.  There are a few places where the call got a little bit glitchy.  The book is a quick, easy read and available in just about every format you can imagine.  So pick up a copy and give Greta that legendary Geeks Without God bump!

  • Tim and Nick on Atheists Talk

    In case you missed Tim and Nick’s appearance on Atheists Talk this week, we have a copy of the show so you can listen NOW!  They were part of a panel of atheist and skeptic podcasters from the Twin Cities and spent most of their time talking about how Molly wasn’t there.

  • Episode 147 – Atheism on CNN

    0033fec1_mediumIn case you missed it, a few weeks ago CNN aired a special report on atheists entitled Atheists: Inside the World of Nonbelievers. We watched the special report, took notes and then sat down to share a small percentage of those notes with our listeners.  Parts of the report we just fine.  Other parts were annoying.  Overall, it was a mixed bag.  Keeping in mind that it was made to help believers understand the world of those who do not, we thought it was definitely worth the watch.

    If you want to see it for yourself, here is a link!


  • Episode 120 – Who Speaks for Atheists?

    Richard DawkinsThis week we take a look at the fallout in the Atheism movement following some poorly chosen comments by “leaders” in the movement like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.  The strength of the atheist movement is our combined distaste for organized leadership.  It is also a weakness.  We examine that dichotomy and try to figure out if there is a way to balance them.  Of course, we also get to read five answers from one of our listeners!  This week, our answers come all the way from Scotland!

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  • Episode 80 – Coming Out

    This week on Geeks Without God, our friend Emily joins us to come out as an atheist.  She talks about her exploration of religion, her growing doubts, and her eventual decision that she no longer believed in god. Tim also talks about some of the reasons he found it difficult to leave religion behind.  This show is Emily’s coming out announcement, and we are very honored she chose to share that moment with us!

    And hey – if you are a friend or relative just finding out, remember that Emily is the same person she always was.  She just no longer believes in god.  And that’s OK.

    If you are inclined to do so, please share your coming out story in the comments section.  How did you let your friends and family know?  Have you let them know yet?  How did it go?

  • Episode 51 – Televised Atheism

    This week’s episode is a double date as Tim’s wife Patricia joins us to talk about atheist characters on television.  We haven’t spent a lot of time on TV shows and this podcast covers a wide range of atheist characters from Sheldon Cooper to Temperance Brennan.  Tim has something of a bug up his butt about the depiction of these characters so you’ll get to hear about that.  Patricia also gets a chance to answer our five questions and we think you’ll love her favorite atheist character.

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  • Episode 38, Atheism and AA, Part 2

    This week, we are joined by Zach Nyhus, who was also “background voice #1” on last week’s episode.  Like last week’s guest Marc (who is our background voice this week), Zach is a recovering alcoholic and an atheist.  He, however, has found a secular chapter of AA.  Atheist & Agnostic AA (4A)is a new movement within the larger AA structure that recognizes that some people don’t want to have god be on their road to recovery.  Zach even reads to us from the Big Book! And finally, even though he asked us a question from the audience on our first episode, he never got to answer our five questions…until now!

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  • Episode 37 – Atheism and AA, Part 1

    This week we talk with Marc Baker about his experiences as a atheist who is also a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.  In something new for us, we recorded with next week’s guest Zach Nyhus in the room because he is also a recovering alcoholic.  Marc shares his feelings about the way AA pushes god as a part of the twelve steps and how he manages to make it work for him.  Then, because we read his answers on our Left Behind episode, Marc gets to ask us five questions!

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  • Episode 35 – Religulous

    Inspired by our talk about asshole atheists, we decided to watch Bill Maher’s film Religulous.  Maher himself is frequently referred to as an asshole atheist and he certainly does his best to rile up several believers throughout the movie.  We’d all seen the movie before but it elicited strong reactions and got us to think about what made us decide to be “out” as atheists.  Molly, especially, has a lot of thoughts on the film.  Like, three pages of thoughts.  Then we get five answers from the UK!

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  • Upcoming Episodes

    Well, here we are in February and we know you are wondering we might have in the hopper for the next few weeks.  Never fear, we have all the information you need to fill your podcast planner for another month! Here’s what we have coming up:

    Februray 26th – Atheism & Dr. Who

    Our friend and Doctor Who expert Matt Savelkoul joins us to talk about atheism in Doctor Who.  We’ll explore the subtle (and not so subtle) ways the show makes it clear that The Doctor is living in a universe without god.

    March 5th – Religulous

    As a companion to our Asshole Atheist show, we look at Bill Maher’s film, “Religulous.”  Maher is often cited as an asshole atheist and this movie can ignite a lot of strong feelings in atheists and believers alike.  We re-watched the movie and can’t wait to share our opinions.

    March 12th – Creationist Science Fair

    We are joined by author and journalist Rob Callahan, who will tell us about his recent visit to a creationist science fair.

    March 19th – Atheism and AA, Part 1

    We’re doing a two parter!  Two guests will talk with us about being an atheist in Alcoholics Anonymous.  This week, we talk to Marc Baker about being a recovering alcoholic in an organization that spends a lot of time talking about god.

    March 26th – Atheism and AA, Part 2

    In part two of our look at atheism and recovering alcoholics, our friend Zach Nyhus will talk about a new chapter of AA – atheists AA.  What happens when you actively work to take god out of the twelve steps?