About Tim

I don’t always look like this. Only when I’m trying to impress the ladies!

Tim was raised by Catholic parents and considered himself a Christian for much of his first 20 years.  After he decided that he didn’t much care for Christianity, he explored New Age Paganism for a few years and then settled comfortably into agnosticism for a while.

Eventually, he came to the conclusion that the odds against the existence of god were so astronomical, there was no good reason to call himself an agnostic and he started calling himself an atheist.  As soon as he did that, Jesus stopped returning his calls.

He was ten years old when Star Wars was released so it had what one might call a “major” impact on his development years.  He also watched Dr. Who on PBS in the 80’s, was a big fan of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and still has an original copy of AD & D “Deities and Demigods.”

As if that wasn’t enough to secure his geek cred, he and a bunch of friends formed a science fiction convention called CONvergence back in 1999.  It is currently the largest general science fiction convention in the midwest.  That isn’t Tim’s fault, but he’s likely to brag about it anyway.

Tim is artistic director of Vilification Tennis, performs with comedy musicians The Dregs and regularly produces shows at the Minnesota Fringe Festival and the Bryant Lake Bowl.  He’s been working at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since he was seventeen years old.

He is host of the Vilification Tennis Podcast and he blogs about commie liberal stuff and movies at petsnakereggie.com.  On twitter he is @petsnakereggie.