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  • Episode 76 – Mini Boners

    It’s time for another Geeky Boner episode!  This week, Tim talks about the 2013 version of Butt-Numb-a-Thon in Austin (he’s talked about it before).  As usual, he claims his favorite movie was some obscure old movie instead of one of the big name premieres.  Nick gets all excited about a new comic by Darwyn Cooke.  Molly has a series of mini boners because she’s still on pain medication.  Tim coughs a lot.  We also get to read five answers from a listener in Scotland.

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  • Episode 23 – Beverly Hills Boners

    Our December Geeky Boner episode includes conversations about Butt-Numb-a-Thon, cleaning and Molly’s secret shame.  A secret so embarrassing, it is almost worse than the embarrassing thing she is forced to do for losing the WALL-E bet from Episode 21. Then we talk about the Island nation of Malta and that’s because the answers to our five questions came from Malta this week!  Molly, sadly, is sober, so she completely fails to impersonate the sender’s accent.  That’s probably because she has no idea what it would sound like.

    Thank you – and may your boners be the geekiest.

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  • December Podcasting Schedule

    Well, December is upon us and it’s time to look at what we have lined up for the next several weeks.  Are we going to take the holidays off?

    Screw that!

    Here’s what you can listen to this month.

    December 4th –  We’ll be talking to Norm Barrett Wiik about Camp Quest.  We’ll also be launching a holiday donation campaign for the Minnesota Chapter of Camp Quest.  Help Geeks Without God sponsor a child’s secular summer camp experience!  We also settle the drunken bet that Molly and Nick made in Episode 21.

    December 11th –  Our December geeky boner episode covers Butt-Numb-a-Thon, basement organization and Molly’s secret shame.  We also talk about Malta.  ‘Cuz who didn’t want to know about Malta?

    December 18th – We talked with Brianne Bilyeu, who writes the Biodork blog on Freethoughtblogs.  She had a huge list of stuff she wanted to talk about and we got through most of it.  We talk about her blog, her job, her volunteer work and a whole lot more.

    December 25th – Our 25th episode will be up on Christmas Day! We’ll talk about being atheists and navigating the holiday season.  We’ll also share our favorite holiday movies!