Patreon Exclusive Episode

Hey loyal listeners!

When we reached the first level of our Patreon campaign ($50), we promised two exclusive episodes every year just for Patreon supporters!

We’ve been trying to set up a ghost hunting tour for the better part of the last year and when you combine our tricky schedules with the fact the ghost hunting tour available locally does a really shitty job of having tours available, we haven’t been able to make that happen yet.

So since we owed our supporters a special episode, we spent your money to visit psychics! Tim went to see a Tarot reader and Nick and Molly both did a phone reading from the same local psychic!

What happened? The only way to know is to listen to the episode! And the only way to listen to the episode is to be a Patreon supporter!

Here’s a link to the episode! We are only $7 in support away from our next goal, which will allow us to purchase a whole lot of additional equipment we can use to improve the audio quality of our podcast even more than we have over the last year! ¬†Stuff like headphones to make remote recording easier! And another couple of solo microphones so we don’t have to share mics when we have a guest!

Whether you support us or not, thanks for listening!

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