Episode 258 – Luke Cage & Iron Fist

Luke Cage & Iron FistThis week, we take a look at the latest original Marvel series on Netflix – Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  We are joined by our favorite Marvel expert, Mark Sherman.  Luke Cage, we all agree, isn’t perfect but is still pretty darn good.  Iron Fist, however, is a series about which none of us could find anything to recommend.  We compare the two shows and try to figure out what Luke Cage got right and what Iron Fist got so horribly wrong.  We do spoil some shit about both shows but take our word for it – Iron Fist was pretty much spoiled already.

Also, once you listen to the episode, you might appreciate Mark’s signature in our Bible!

Hot Dogs are Sandwiches





And here is the facial expression Nick made when Tim stole his answer to another one of Mark’s questions!


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  1. I actually liked it.