Episode 256 – Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanThis week, we talk about the newest installment in the DC Cinematic Universe – Wonder Woman!  As with most films, we are going to spoil the shit out of it so if you haven’t seen it yet, listen no further!  One of the hardest things about a property like Wonder Woman is all the expectations people carry with the character and your gentle hosts are no different.  In the end, we all concluded this is a good film that also has a great deal of cultural importance.  Also, Tim takes an opportunity to call out AMC for some shitty customer service, we thank some brand new Patreon supporters, and we say nice things about the post office!

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One Response to Episode 256 – Wonder Woman

  1. Albatross says:

    My problems with the Wonder Woman movie:
    David Thelwis? REALLY? Shit *I* could have tried out for that role. I mean, literally – he’s the same age I am. I have as much trouble believing Ares could somehow evolve into a prissy Englishman as I do that David Thelwis has Ares’ muscles.
    All the black Amazons were background characters, including little Diana’s caretaker. A little plantation for my tastes.
    TOO MUCH GREEN SCREEN. Honestly, by the end I’d’ve killed for some practical effects.
    We last saw the German battle ship listing as it sailed into the Themysciran bubble. Two boats of guys came ashore. Where’d the ship go?