Episode 249 – New Five Questions

five-questionsThis week, we unveil our new five questions!  If you have already answered our old five questions, you can be featured on our show again just by sending an e-mail to us a fivequestions@geekswithoutgod.com (or 5questions@geekswithoutgod.com)!  The three of us unveil the new questions and give our answers.  Send in your answers and we’ll add you to the queue.  Patreon supporters move to the top of the list!

Our five questions page has been updated with the new questions.  If you are too lazy to look there – they are right here!

1) What conspiracy theory do you find most interesting/compelling?

2) What is your perfect two-week vacation (money is not a limiting factor but physics is)?

3) What is a movie or book that changed your life and how?

4) What is the geekiest thing you have ever done or said?

5) What’s your favorite hangover cure?

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