Episode 237 – DC Movies

batman-v-superman-art-wbThis week, we take a look at Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad.  We have been pretty good at addressing most Marvel movies but we’ve fallen a little bit short when it comes to the DC side of the equation.  We gave both of these films a decent shot and, in the end, we really didn’t like either one of them.  We do our best to articulate why we think both of them fail so you, our atheist nerdy friends, will understand that we don’t hate DC.  We just hated these movies.  Sorry, Ronn.

Note: There is some skipping on this episode.  We apologize for the technical errors.  Tim watches the recording as we are talking and it did not appear there were problems.  Nor is it the entire episode.  Just the really funny parts.  Sorry.

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2 Responses to Episode 237 – DC Movies

  1. James Thomas says:

    The quality of this episode is a bit choppy.

    • Yeah, sorry about that. It’s on the original recording so there’s not a ton we can do about it, unfortunately. We were slow to figure it out because it’s a crazy week for us, Molly is super busy at work, I’m studying for a cert exam, and Tim is at Disney World.

      We’re looking into new, more reliable recoding options now, thank you for your patience!